widely become legal, more than 1.5 billion babies have been killed 1 before their birth! This level of
homicide 2 is unparalleled in history! God is appalled 3 at our degree of debasement… how could our
living God remain silent at this magnitude of human carnage?
Those who believe in the authenticity of the Bible as a divine inspiration know that our heavenly
Father has often intervened in order to save His people. When He did so, He always selected
whomsoever He pleased to act as His mouth piece (we call them Prophets). Inevitably, His Prophets
were either very reluctant to embark on prophetic tasks (remember Jonah?) and at times were ill
equipped to undertake their mission (Moses had a stutter!) so, why would God act differently in our
times? Vassula too, was reluctant to accept this prophetic mission (Ref: TLIG Messages of (a) Jan.
21, 1987- “…daughter, will you revive My Church? Oh Jesus, You ask something I am unable to do
for You!” ; (b) Jan. 30, 1987- I have chosen a nothing and (c) Dec. 10, 2001 - I had to find a blank
piece of cloth on which I would design with My Own Hand the ornamental pattern of roses I had
in mind”).
This puts us in a dilemma: If we accept that God may be speaking to us today , and as the Church
takes its good (and slow) time to verify and pronounce on TLIG, can we afford to wait and not pay
immediate attention? Do we know if we will be alive tomorrow, or in the next 5 minutes? Prudence
says “proceed with caution”, and it is in this manner that people should proceed, when
contemplating to read the TLIG Messages.
What is amazing is that when we start reading these TLIG Messages (while in prayer and as God’s
children) a miracle happens and we DO “HEAR” THE VOICE OF OUR MASTER coming through these
inspirations! God speaks to our hearts and He helps us KNOW it is He who speaks! Thus we, as
individuals, become convinced and become converted by God Himself!
In any event, God has given us the test to know if “the prophecy” is from Him: Seek and find the
good fruits 4 . As shown in a later answer, in this document, the fruits of TLIG are good!
As reported by Elizabeth Rosenthal in The New York Times, on October 12, 2007: “In 1995, the number of worldwide abortions was 42 million,
according to a study by the Guttmacher Institute.” Thus, extrapolating for the past 35 years, the worldwide number of abortions is estimated
nearly at 1.5 billion!
People argue about freedom of women to choose… yet, by any reasonable estimate, most abortions (by far) occur after the first 5 weeks of
conception, but embryo has: its own unique combination of Chromosomes (hence its own DNA) from the first to the 3 rd day; its own blood type
and its own heart beat by the 22 nd day (Ref: http://www.nrlc.org/ABORTION/facts/fetusdevelopment.htm), etc. hence, by any legal standards,
at least by the 22 nd day, an embryo is a unique human individual with its own DNA, heart beat and blood type that are different from the
mother’s. It is not a “choice” but it is a baby, as confirmed in the Bible: Job 31:15; Psalm 22:9-10; Psalm 58:3; Psalm 139:13; Isaiah 44:2; Isaiah
44:24; Jeremiah 20:17; and especially Luke 1:41 and Luke 1:44.
TLIG – Oct. 22, 1996: “today, to My great sorrow, a huge population from every country is being drawn to worship the Beast and he has
become for them their ruler and their god, for they have accepted his kingdoms and their luxury; they have become the traders of the earth;
yes! they have set their hearts on the fruits of the world; deceived by Satan, they promote error, obsessed with their sins, they promote
liberalism and the like, defying the Truth and the Tradition of My Church; the Lie is defying the Truth...”
Matthew 7:16