The previous notwithstanding, for the Orthodox Churches to approve TLIG as one body, it probably
requires a world-wide synod… something that last happened in the eighth century AD. The author
believes that only a divine intervention would cause the Orthodox to convene in a Panorthodox
Synod in order to approve TLIG!
 Those who are converted readers of TLIG are called by God to live a life that is true to God, a “ True
Life in God” ! Doing so simply adds to the “good fruits” that could help new readers discern the
2. The Roman Catholic Church Does Not Approve TLIG
 In January of 2007, Cardinal Levada of the CDF stated in a letter (see Attachment #2) that (a) the
“old notification” of 1995 stands, (b) that Vassula maintains that the Messages are not divine but
personal meditations and (c) that the faithful should not pray in TLIG prayer groups. Looking at each
of these points:
a. The 1995 Notification instructed the faithful to “ read with Caution, because TLIG has
theological errors ”. It cited such errors, as for example: “Vassula calls Jesus “Father”; and
“The antichrist will prevail” (this latter statement is Not in TLIG – read TLIG, March 17,
1993), etc.
In fact, never did the CDF instruct the faithful not to read TLIG, but to read it with caution!
No one argues with this (see answers to objection #1).
However, there are theological problems with the “errors” cited in that 1995 Notification,
which cause serious doubts to a faithful but also sincere, impartial, yet knowledgeable
reader regarding the validity of that Notification. For example, the 1995 Notification states
that Vassula confuses the persons of the Holy Trinity, because she calls Jesus “Father” when
Yahweh is the Father, and Jesus is the Son… this of course contrasts sharply with the words
of Jesus that “I and the Father are One 11 ”; and “he who sees Me, sees He who sent Me 12
(the Father)”. For an in depth Response to the older Notification, please read: “ Touched By
The Spirit of God – Vassula and the CDF” By Fr. Edward D. O’Connor, C.S.C.
b. Vassula emphatically disagrees that she has ever said that the Messages are not of divine
c. Cardinal Levada’s comment for the faithful to not participate in prayer with TLIG groups is
most strange, and definitely in contradiction with the Canons cited in the letter, namely 215
John 10:30
John 12:45