and 223 § 1. These Canons encourage people to form associations and to pray! Any
statements that invite the faithful not to pray with other Christians is simply unchristian!
 Given the above, the Pope’s letter (Attachment #1)… is the best he could do, and he did so, in
support of TLIG!
 Some Orthodox and some Roman Catholic Bishops (at local level) approve of TLIG and some do not
approve. However, no formal Orthodox or Roman Catholic position on TLIG has been pronounced.
Certainly, according to the Roman Catholic Canon 50, if the Church is to arrive at a conclusion, it
must hear the defense of the person under scrutiny. The “dialog” between Vassula and the Vatican
concluded satisfactorily for TLIG, as evident by the fact that Pope Benedict XVI (a) agreed to publish
this dialog in the TLIG books - it has been included in Volume 12 of the handwritten edition – and (b)
issued the clarification letter (Attachment #1).
There have been no additional formal “hearings” specific to TLIG by either the Roman Catholic or
the Orthodox Church and TLIG remains not condemned by either.
 Protestant Churches are by and large not aware of TLIG, hence there is nothing to comment upon.
One may postulate on difficulties that mainline Protestants may have with Catholic (Orthodox and
Roman) Traditions not explicitly stated in the Bible, such as Confession to a Priest, the true nature of
the Holy Eucharist, salvation through faith alone, prayers to the Holy Mother and the Saints, etc. It
is not the purpose of this document to discuss doctrinal differences between Protestants and
Catholics… however, the author believes these differences stem from serious misunderstandings
that can be explained away in a brotherly and humble way.
3. My Bishop/Priest tells me to stop with TLIG
 This is a delicate issue. One the one hand, Jesus does not advocate anarchy 13 or rebellion in His
Church. On the other hand he tells us that we ought to be one 14 . Simply put, we ought to obey
Jesus before we owe obey His Church, and especially with regard to the Orthodox vs. Roman
Catholic Churches, the Churches are no longer excommunicated though differences continue to
Consequently, we need to remember that individual Clergy have their own opinions - Some are
right, some are wrong, and in humility and patience we ought to stand firm with our Clergy
TLIG - Oct. 22, 1996: “Remain obedient to My Church”
TLIG - Dec. 10, 2001: “why has no one listened to My supplication while I prayed to the Father that you may be one? today, had you
responded to My call by showing obedience, you would be sharing one Cup around one altar”