reminding them that TLIG is not condemned and that if they oppose TLIG, they should
reconsider their position by digging deeper into the issues, as there are a great many who
advocate in favor of TLIG.
 Any Bishop/Priest’s opinion is subject to the authority of the Holy See, and the Holy See HAS
NOT CONDEMNED TLIG. Therefore an individual Clergyman should be cautious before
condemning something that we claim is the Word of God in our times!
 We also need to remember that Popes John Paul II 15 and Benedict XVI 16 have blessed TLIG.
 Jesus does not want rebels, so obey the Bishop/Priest, but obey Jesus above all, therefore: (a)
when the Church closes the door, find a window; (b) when you want to evangelize do not forget
to turn to those that need it the most, e.g. the un-churched, the sick, the prisoners.
4. I am too busy with other Church activities
When my friends claim they have no time to read TLIG or to get involved with a TLIG Prayer
Group, the author usually reminds them that:
 God speaks in our days; will they refuse to hear Him?
 God calls TLIG “His most important gift to our generation”, why ignore it?
Other paths to God are also valid, but people should first “taste” the TLIG goodness, and then
decide whether to be converted to it. To ignore the TLIG messages without really having read
them is such a folly that only the enemy of Jesus would enjoy.
5. I have enough, I do not need anything else Spiritual
Such a claim requires deep reflection/meditation. The one who thinks this way should be helped to
answer for himself the following questions:
 Are you sure you are already a Saint?
 Do you believe in God, and if yes:
 Is He dead?
John Paul II has given his Apostolic Blessing to the TLIG Prayer Groups – See
His letter HERE