 If He is alive then can He speak to us?
 If He speaks to us, would He not do it as he has always done in the past?
 Isn’t His Word life, including Spiritual life?
 Why wouldn’t anyone want more life, more Spirituality?
 Is our enemy putting such thoughts in our minds?
6. TLIG is a Cult
This notion is absolute nonsense. None of the Cult characteristics exist in TLIG, for example:
 No “New Revelations” are introduced in TLIG. The themes are absolutely consistent with the
 No personal following of Vassula is practiced nor does it exist; TLIG converts are true and faithful
Christians that follow the true God of the Holy Trinity.
 The “Fruits” are good – see www.tlig.org for the “fruits” of the testimonies from thousands of
people and clergy.
 Contrary to a lot of “spiritualists” who are possessed and write, the TLIG Messages are Hieratic
writing, and Vassula’ s hand is not “grabbed”. She remains in full possession of her faculties,
and receives locutions, just as all Saints have done in the past.
 You, as a convert to TLIG are free to come and go as you please.
 No brainwashing takes place. Individuals are encouraged to stay in their Church and to become
better followers of their Church.
 Vassula earns NOTHING from presentations, books, nor does anyone around her.
 No dues required; regional voluntary groups have been set up as those regions see fit, for
charity purposes. For example in the USA a 501c3 designated charitable organization has been
set up, under the scrutiny of the US Government, customary for such charitable organizations.
 Far too many clergy from all Christian (and non Christian) denominations read TLIG, while they
remain faithful to their Church.