7. I have seen “bad press” on TLIG in the Internet
 The Internet is like a big “soap box”
 Anyone can write what they want, but is “it” true?
 No editorial policing exists in the Internet
 God’s will and God’s work ALWAYS have enemies!
 On religious matters, it is prudent to always check Official Websites, only, such as
www.Vatican.va, etc.
 Those who seek sincere answers should reflect on these questions:
 Why would any normal individual spend both serious money and serious time persecuting
 If TLIG is not from the True God, why don’t those individuals leave it up to the Church to
condemn it, but instead they choose to be virulent attackers, and if they do so, is their
behavior the pious behavior of a faithful Christian? If their behavior is not Christian, why
read that web site?
8. How do I know TLIG is from God?
 Pick up a TLIG book, pray from your heart, then read… and God will let you KNOW and
 Seek the ‘fruits’ and you shall know
9. There are no Prophets in our times
Though Vassula has not been declared by the Church as a Prophet, she may one day be recognized as
such. However, that we may have Prophets in our times is well recorded in our Bible, where it is
revealed in:
 Acts 2:17: “and it shall be in the last days,' god says, that I will pour forth of my spirit on all
mankind; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see
visions, and your old men shall dream dreams;”