 God has asked us to be loving, not to be more correct viz. our brothers’ faith.
 In TLIG God asks us 18 not to differentiate among ourselves, but to behave like children.
 Our differences are not as important to the people, but they remain important to the hierarchy,
only. As proof, where the demographics make it possible, Christians intermarry without regard
to their denomination.
13. Cannot share the Eucharist with those outside of my Church
This is very similar to the issues discussed earlier regarding the separation of the Churches. To recap:
 Roman Catholics grant the Sacraments to the Orthodox Catholics (Canon 844, #3)
 Orthodox do not share with anyone (in spite of the “lifting” of the Roman Catholic
excommunication), unless “they” return to the “true fold” of Orthodoxy.
 The Protestant view of Sacraments (more often than not) is not the same as with the Catholics,
hence a separation de facto exists for the present time.
 God wants us to unite in our hearts and in the Sacraments. We need to pray for this.
 It may appear to be small but there are no theological reasons why we should separate Easter at
different times. Were we to unite Easter, Jesus would unite us all 19 around a single altar.
14. I disagree with the Pope as “Peter”
Perhaps the Churches will one day revert to the organization they had prior to the first (“great”) schism
of 1054AD. Up to that time, all Christian Sees recognized the “primacy of honor” of the Pope of Rome.
Until then, we can only pray to God and remember the relevant TLIG Messages:
 The “3 iron bars” will melt and come together at the top
 It is possible for the institutions to unite under “Peter” as “first among equals”, yet they could
also remain under their own separate administration.
 In any event, God will decide on the form and structure His Church will take in the future,
because we obviously are not able to resolve such issues due to our lack of humility.
TLIG – April 12, 1990: “I shall remind you not to differentiate yourselves in Me; I shall remind you to be united in heart and soul and love one
another as I love you;”
TLIG – May 31, 1994