15. I disagree with the Catholic Sacraments
Such objections (and other similar ones, e.g. the role of St. Mary in our lives) are typically concerns of
those with a Protestant background. To those we can only say:
 We do not agree, but we are not the Judge. Perhaps one day, soon, the Protestant Churches
might return to the practice of honoring the Holy Eucharist as was the ancient tradition of the
single (unified) Church of old (before the Schism), a tradition that is both recognized by the
“Fathers 20 ” of the Church, and is reflected in TLIG.
 We want to UNITE in our hearts, while respecting each other in Christ’s love!
The previous are but a summary of the most common objections. The sincere reader is encouraged to
seek and to speak to one of the regional coordinators for TLIG to follow up with any additional
“May God’s kingdom come on earth, as it is in Heaven.”
The term “Fathers” refers to the early elders/Bishops of the Church during the formative first 3-4 centuries of the Christian Church.