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[The first broadcast was on February 15th, 2005]

Interviewer: This takes us into what we are going to be talking about next week, "the Day of the Lord". Some people call it the Warning or the Purification. In your writings, it's in the very beginning of Volume 5, three or four pages there gives us an incredibly distinct picture of what that is going to be like.

Vassula: Yes, it's important that those who have not received the 'Day of the Lord', it's important to be ready for the 'Day of the Lord'. We will explain this next time as much as we can through the writings of True life in God.

We look forward to doing that and I think that it's urgent. We don't know when it's going to be but we need to be ready.

You know, Betsy, I once asked God, "Why don't You go to everybody in this world and give him just one sentence". I thought that by only hearing His voice you can change your life completely because it's so powerful when God speaks that only by saying (hearing) a few words you can change your heart and your style of living and everything.

Blessed are those who have not seen and believed, right?

That's right!

I'm sure He has a reason for that but that is the thing that will happen on the 'Day of the Lord' is that every single person ...

...will be visited.

will be visted...

Yes, by Our Lord.

And so He is going to do just what you asked Him to do, Vassula.

And He is warning us, be ready for that day.

Right. Right. I think it's the most exciting time anyone has ever lived in. We are extremely blessed to be living as we are in this time

They are special times and times of mercy as He calls them. The message always ends with a tone of hope like when He finished once... I'll read you this passage if we still have time....

I will adorn this earth in Spring; My Spring; what is the Spring of Yahweh? My Spring, My beloved ones, will be when the whole of My creation will be shining with a brilliant light; in the baptism of the Purification you will be reformed into your first image; in this Purification everyone will aspire for a closer union of love with Me, and in ardour your hearts will search for the Truth, the Way and the Life; and in the Truth, where intoxicating savours will be tasted, your soul, endowed with My Spirit of Grace will be perfected your image of the dark would be no more, for I, your Bridegroom and the kindest of fathers, will be shining on you; [February 25, 1998]

That's beautiful.......

[The topic was continued on the Feb 22, 2005 broadcast]

Yes, well we will talk about the 'Day of the Lord' and, as you said, His kingdom is on earth because His kingdom is the Church so, already we have the Church and now we are going to talk about the 'Day of the Lord' which is..... I will explain it because many people would like to know what it is, they read it in Scriptures. First let me say it in a few words, in my own words.

The 'Day of the Lord' is a day of purification. It is when Jesus says, 'My return will renew you and free many of you from your trasgressions. My return, or His Visitation, when He says My Visitation to you, means His presence in your heart. Now this is a grace given in these times of Mercy and it's so powerful and sometimes I say, well I wish everybody got this Visitation or the return of the Lord in their heart. Because it is the 'Day of the Lord' so when the Lord comes upon us, in our heart, a visitation, unexpectedly, it is a sort of awareness of your sin, awareness of His presence, and you kind of compare yourself in front of God's holiness and purity and that's where your inner eyes see things on yourself like what a wretch you are, how many sins you have upon you still, like a stained glass in front of the Lord. And it hurts. It hurts and many who are hearing, I'm sure they recognize that they have had this Visitation because I know some people who told me I've gone through this purification, it was very painful, realizing... it's a sort of realizing your self, your conscience is realizing and you weep because it hurts of how sinful one is and how you have been offending God.

And it's like fire, it's a fire which is not like the real fire but it's burning like a fire within you. So this is an explanation with my own words but I would like to say, Betsy, with some words of True Life in God, from the Messages, could I do that?


So, we have three parts which I have found and these are given in the year 2002. So the Lord says [June 1, 2002],

what is the Day of the Lord? those who have and are persistently rebelling against Me will taste that Day and all it bears; it will come upon those transgressors as sudden as a thunderbolt,

So you see, what the Lord says here is that you don't expect when it will come. It is a grace, it comes just suddenly upon you, a sudden surprise. And now I continue,

and like a fearful fire they will be turned into human torches;

Well this is a kind of 'figurative' way of talking here, it doesn't mean that you will be on fire with a natural fire but it will be burning you from within,

yes, the earth, as you said, will be set aflame and their consciousness will be revealed to them as a revelation;

When the Lord says here, 'the earth', it means that many will go through that.

My divine fire will turn the inflexible heart into a lenient heart in My Day;

This is good news! You know there are many hearts that are hard to turn around, to turn to God, and some of the families who have somebody like that in their families say, oh what will happen to this person? Well, don't give up because here it shows that even the inflexible heart will turn into a lenient heart He says.

the earth in agony will become fully aware

Now if you replace this word, the 'earth' into 'people' for instance, you'll understand it better.

the earth in agony will become fully aware in consciousness and soul,

You will be aware of what you have been doing wrong and offending God.

of its failures and its deficiency, its corruptibility, and its lawlessness and not to say the least, the infamous rejection of My Resurrection and My Omnipresence in your daily life;

When people say, "I don't believe in the Resurrection, I don't believe in God", well that will hurt more because the fire will be so strong then.

heaven will open in My Day, and those who rejected Me, proclaiming themselves as gods will be judged severely;

can anyone say that I have not been instructing you all these years? have I not affirmed My might all these years by wonders?

Here the Lord wants to say that He has given everybody chances, opportunities to open their ears and hear more about Our Lord, and yet there is a lot of lethargy around the world and people are feeling so comfortable, [wanting] not to disturb their comfortable life, they don't want to hear anything lest they have to change. Don't you agree?

I agree with that. What I'm interested in here too is that it is all races and all religions 'will see Me in their interior darkness'.

It's not just for Christians.

Everybody! Everybody is His creature.

I tell you: woe to anyone who finds himself without My Light in My Day ...

That's why it's so important to go to Confession. Because once you go to Confession, you clean up yourself, so when the 'Day of the Lord' comes it will be very slight fire, very slight fire. It won't hurt that much. It's true! I'm talking about this, why, because I've gone through these things! And it was terrible. Sometimes I used to say when I was going through these... it wasn't just one moment or one hour, it was days. I was saying I am going through hell! It was so awful, so terrible to be aware, suddenly and if you have not gone through that stage you don't know what it is. But if you have you know what it is, it hurts. It hurts to recognise your real self. So this is why I am saying it will be better if one goes to Confession and starts confessing. Because I had never gone before, that's why everything was hit up on my head when this 'Day of the Lord' came.

Of course a lot of people don't have Confession in their Churches, a formal Confession.

Well, you know, although in my Church it exists, the Greek Orthodox Church as well as the Catholic Church, I'd never been because I was never interested, let me just say that. I was not interested in anything, in fact, about Church things. And when that day, the Lord asked me to go and confess and follow one of His rules which is in Scriptures as well, which is to confess to one another it says in the Scriptures. Now the Church has given us the priests so I thought, well, since I have this gift from God and I'm directly speaking to Him, why do I have to go through that Confession to go to someone when I can be directly with God. And believe me, I felt God's anger on me and it scared me. So, you know, my pencil even dropped from my hand, it flew away.

[After a break, the interviewer continued:] Vassula, I think you had just dropped your pencil....

Yes, well it was just when I was refusing to listen to the Lord when He was asking me to go to Confession, but you know it reminds me when He said later on that to confess, although many people don't like to do that, it's an act of humility, it's a super act of humility. If one does not want to confess it's like he or she lacks humility, so I believe in what the Lord says.

[the broadcast continued]


See also important messages dated September 15, 1991 and September 19, 1991

A message which refers many times to the 'Day of the Lord' is copied here:

when this day comes upon you, the day I call the Day of the Lord, the scales covering your eyes will fall off and you will look at your real self; My Fire will reduce you to nothing in your dismay; but, do not gasp with fear, be of good cheer, for how else would you see yourself by My side? any remaining evil tendencies will be rendered inactive; this purification is to turn your soul not to venture here and there aimlessly, but to Me who am your sole divine Bridegroom;

I do not think that many of you have understood what the Day of the Lord means; when the voice of the bird is silenced and song notes are still, know that I will call in this silence all your hidden deeds, good or bad, to judgement; the Day of the Lord can be compared to a mini tribunal; a Purification by My Fire that will lead your soul into My Glory and into a perfect union with Me;

when a soul is horribly defiled by sin, repugnant to Me and to My Angels, Saints and holy ones, My visit will put her into agonizing pains and she will not escape My Day; how else am I to render your soul incorruptible and free from sin? how else am I to bring those souls to repentance? only when I strip them naked with My Fire and they see themselves in what state they are in, only then will they realize how they were the possession of Satan;

in those whom My Divine Fire will be blazing, purifying them, by this immaterial Fire, I will consume them awakening them and making them finally aware of how they are being transformed; transformed with pain but with joy as well, by the Love of My transforming Fire;

anyone who in body and soul already possess Me and I possess him, the Day of the Lord shall not come upon him nor will he experience it; why? because the Holy Spirit already had made His passage felt in them; they have had the Day of the Lord come upon them; you can call that Day as well, the Day of My Visitation; after that Day, repentance and obedience to My Law of Love will be the theme of those I will regenerate by My Fire; I will soften the souls that are like rock now and warm the hearts that are like ice, and at once My Presence will be felt in their resurrection;

[September 13, 2002]

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