Yes, these noble Odes will be sung to this generation and to others that follow it....

These are My sweet Odes I have now sung for all of you, My sweet Doctrine, My Dialogue that every soul should hear;...

My intention in this noble Ode is to draw everyone in My radiant Light and receive the fullness of Christ ....

(True Life in God - February - April, 2003)

I have put in your mouth Odes coming from the highest heaven and have sung to you all My Hymn; I am proving to you all that I am your Saviour;

(True Life in God - January 10, 2003)

I am pouring out on you My Inexhaustible Treasure from My Sacred Heart like cascades of streams, over mountains and into valleys to make you strong in your love and ready for My Kingdom; I have been like a spring gushing in ravines, running down between the mountains, attracting the thirsty; I have for the past years offered you all that heaven has to offer, so tell Me, what could I have done more to save you that I have not done?

(True Life in God - April 25, 1995)

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Vassula Ryden was born in Egypt of Greek parents and baptized into the Greek Orthodox Church, although she hardly thought about God for 30 years. In 1985 she was approached by her Guardian Angel and later by God Himself to transmit messages to the world under the title, True Life in God.

Vassula has tirelessly travelled the world to proclaim and spread these messages, translated now into more than 40 languages.

The messages have received a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur and have been thoroughly investigated by the Vatican

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