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In reading the books of the divine messages, and knowing the author, Mrs Vassula Ryden, a daughter of the Greek Orthodox Church, I was very impressed in finding there, according to my firm conviction, an absolute fidelity to all the revealed truths as taught and expounded by the Catholic Church......... Therefore I unite myself to those Catholic bishops and theologians who defend the authenticity and sincere truthfulness of Vassula Ryden, one of the greatest mystics and seers of our times.
(Frane Franic, Archbishop Emeritus of Split and Makarska, November 1995)
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(Vassula) travels the world evangelizing for Christian unity; obedience to the Pope; veneration of the Eucharist; devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus; and especially, a Gospel morality of life; as well as for deep religious conversion of the world. Vassula Ryden has met with the Pope, with cardinals and with bishops around the world. This is a matter of private revelation and we allow her to speak because what she says conforms to Gospel truth.
(Cardinal Franjo Kuharic, Archbishop of Zagreb, February 1995)

The testimony is convincing, joyful and stimulating. Everywhere in her writings we feel the Breath of Love The Holy Spirit is everywhere at work, giving profusely every day Vassula's testimony is taken more seriously and is more fully accepted. This simultaneously facilitates and accelerates the final judgement of the entire Church, which judgement will, without doubt, consider the many fruits of Vassula's message.
(Fr Lludevit Rupcic, OFM)
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It can be said that Vassula Ryden is in "moral security" under the spiritual counselling of Fr. Michael O'Carroll. His obvious competence should suffice to dispel the doubts of those who blindly and violently attack Vassula Ryden and her writings. Furthermore, she has the support of Fr.Rene Laurentin For my part, having studied ascetical and mystical theology both in theory and in practice over more than fifty years, I do not hesitate to stand alongside these two "experts" and with the many priests who know Vassula Ryden and her writings very well We must cease calling our fear `prudence' and our skepticism `wisdom'.
(Rev O. M., C.S.C.)

It is a hieratic writing, in other words, a sacred writing clothed in such a majestic solemnity the writing itself inspires a great peace radiating light and serenity. Truly this writing is beautiful and can only be good!
(Rev. C. C., OFM)

I have no dramatic testimony to offer for Vassula, but I would like to say that reading her messages puts me in a spirit of prayer. I find myself quite convinced that Jesus is indeed speaking through them. To that, I would like to add that, as a professional theologian, I have always been watching to see if these messages diverge in any way from the teaching of the Church. Never have I found any doctrinal error in them. That is very impressive. For a lay person, with no theological training, without even any serious catechetical instruction, to write so many volumes about some of the profoundest spiritual matters, and never make a mis-step, is an extraordinary achievement. It is a powerful confirmation that it is indeed the Lord himself who is the source of these writings. I am aware that she has been accused of doctrinal error by high authorities in the Church. After careful reflection on this matter, I am convinced that the so-called "errors" reduce simply to the fact that she fails to use the language of professional theologians when seeking to express the divine mysteries. I don't think she can be blamed for this, as the Scriptural authors did the same.
(Fr. Edward D. O'Connor, CSC Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame, December 1999)

The message in these volumes is powerful indeed. It has touched me and others deeply.
(Brother E.C., New Mexico)

I have been blessed to read these books. They have helped me tremendously in my spiritual life, and they have also helped many more and have brought them closer to God. Tears of repentance are many it is not something really new, but based on scripture.
(Sister I.B., Chicago)

There is a growing response to these messages here in Hong Kong.
(Father F.E., Hong Kong)

I have actually met Vassula in Manchester, England when I began reading her revelations and I have read and meditated all the volumes up to number 5 I would very much like to continue to immerse myself in the Lord's words to us. I'm totally convinced of the authenticity of these words. They have helped me immensely in my own spiritual journey. I'm passing on this revelation to people I know will be open to it I would like to write to her personally if only to encourage her.
(Father M.M., Bolivia)

People are so hungry here for the True Life in God books that I am giving them away faster than I can keep track of them. I haven't yet succeeded in keeping one for myself.
(Sister T.R., Ukiah, California)

I am hoping to convert a few fellow-priests with these books.
(Rev. B.C., Toronto)

Father Michael O'Carroll, who is presently her spiritual director is adequately qualified and competent in the area of ascetical and mystical theology the testimony of Father O'Carroll should inspire great reassurance.
(Father O.M. Canada)

I managed to get our parish priest, a priest visitor and my priest confessor interested in Vassula's life they were happy and I was very happy What I long to hear now is Vassula's talks on the Holy Spirit. [I prayed] "Oh God, if it is possible, in Your Almighty Power, cause Vassula to visit India."
(Sister A.T., India)

Vassula's messages I find challenging and I have made a decision to listen very carefully and weigh all that she says, for it would be terrible to live at a time when the Lord spoke and not to have heard him. ... My advice to one reading these messages is that if they are read with only a passing curiosity they will be meaningless and become like ashes. However by allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to the reader, rereading the passages several times and place oneself as the recipient of the message, the passages will become more of a passing curiosity and their purpose revealed. These messages are for laymen, through a layman given by God.
Fr. D. H., York, UK,

First let me tell you (Vassula) that we believe totally in the Sacred Heart's messages to you and have been praying for you since we read them. We especially felt sorry for you that few priests and religious supported you. Thus we wanted to write to you expressing our support of messages which we know are from the Sacred Heart.
(Brother J-J, USA, July, 1992)

Vassula is one of the most balanced and transparent seers that I know. I would even be tempted to say that she is, in a most satisfying way, more normal, more balanced than most others.
(Fr. Rene Laurentin, France, 1993)

In March 1993 during my yearly retreats, as I was reading messages of Jesus, something wonderful happened to my spirit as I was filled with supernatural phenomenon penetrated my whole soul with love to my God and Saviour. I couldn't hold back my tears, it's something like falling in love with God, asking forgiveness and purification for passed sins.
The messages of Jesus are now for me a regular part of my daily spiritual reading, reading them its like falling into spiritual coma. I have no doubt that these messages are of supernatural origin and that powerful wonderful revivement I received during my yearly retreats, Jesus be blessed and loved from all of us for His graces.
(Fr. V. W. P., OSBM, Canada, May, 1993)

Since I met you (Vassula) I have experienced a genuine closeness to Jesus and you every day.
(Fr. J. B., USA, November, 1994)

Vassula is for me a good friend, who tells me about the Love of God for all mankind. The messages are a hidden manna Jesus has reserved for our times of wilderness and iniquity. It is a powerful manna! And I am always hungry to re-read it. I pray that many, many others open their hearts to these beautiful Words from God.
(Sr. J, Holland, 1996)

The messages contained in True Life in God are unique, extraordinary and very special. They reveal to us the most exalted treasures in the Sacred Heart of Jesus hidden in the past and reserved in a special way for our time. They are the most important private revelations ever made.

(Fr. Robert Hughes, SM, San Jose, California, USA, January 1996)

I must say that I believe in Vassula Ryden as an authentic Visionary. I have had no physical healings but am sure that through her beautiful Messages from Jesus, both merciful ad pertinent, that my love for Jesus and the Eternal Father has been enhanced and has become a stronger and more vital part of me.
(Sr. M. R. N, USA, January, 1996)

I had personal love for Jesus but after reading Vassula;s books (messages of God) I come to know Jesus better and my love for Jesus grew deeper - These messages went to deep into my heart - Two or three, in fact 4 people told me their life also has changed.
(Sr. St. J., India, February, 1996)

About five minutes after the beginning of the tape and during Vassula's talk on the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I saw blood form in the hair at the top of the right side of her head, soaking the hair. The blood ran down from the top of her head to her ear, down her cheek, right down to under her chin, soaking both under the chin and neck. I could see this quite plainly. Then as I saw Vassula begin to gesticulate with her hands, she turned the palms of her hands towards me and I saw both palms covered with blood which ran down all of her fingers to her finger tips. I saw this every time she turned her palms towards me. ... The video lasted an hour. The vision lasted right until the very end of the tape until she had finished speaking - about 55 minutes. I was amazed at what I was seeing and lost in awe and wonderment - but very much at peace. I don't know why I was chosen to witness The Passion revealed to me through this chosen instrument Vassula, whom I reverence and respect; even after 24 hours I am still lost in awe and wonderment.
I feel, through this vision, Christ is revealing to me the sufferings Vassula is going through at the present time.
(Brother M. A., Ireland, November 1996)

She (Vassula) was totally in touch with her audience in focusing on the first essential steps: establishing a warm basic intimacy with God - Father, Son & Holy Spirit. It was sensitive, concrete, warm and emminently practical. ... The great sign of the success of her talk was the fact that, except for a few cripples and very elderly, all stayed for the blessing. That was a great sign that should not go unnoticed. Not only that - the owner of the theatre, the management, the technicians, the service people - ALL came and listened to the talk and lined up for the blessing. I wish you could have heard their remarks!
(Fr B., USA, December, 1996)

What happened is not for me; it is to testify that what Vassula is saying is true. What I have just experienced, proves it to me. I have never had experiences like this, this is the first time. In fact, I never pray out loud and today before the Healing Service I said a prayer out loud. I felt that I had to say it. There was a power in me, which made me pray out loud to thank Vassula for being here. I have prayed to be able to see Jesus and my prayer was answered, I saw Him in Vassula. As she was blessing me I kissed her hand because I saw Jesus in her. She repeated several times: "it's true, it's true, it's true."
(Nun, Holy Land, 1997)

I started to read True Life in God, published by Obor at the end of 1995. When I read the book, I felt Jesus spoke to me directly. I became enthusiastic and read it till finished in a very short time. And I felt that my faith strengthened. So when Vassula was planning to come to Jakarta giving her testimony, I tried to get the ticket for myself and for some others straight-away. When I heard her words, I felt like reading True Life in God once again. And when I saw her appearance, my impression was: that lady is simple, honest and humble. Her simplicity can be seen from the way she dressed. Her honesty can be observed from her testimony that she was a nothing before Jesus came to her. Her humility can be observed from her style of conversation that she never boasts about her ability. Because of all this, I was very certain about the words that Vassula has been telling us cannot be from the evil spirit.
(Fr. I., Indonesia, March 1997)

I am indissolubly tied to believing in Vassula. I am tied to the evidence that she cannot be the author of all those wonderful messages, for I believe that there really is Jesus, God and Mary in she who writes, making themselves known and heard. This continuous dialogue occurring in her is real. I am sure of this. I have the evidence because I have been reading and meditating Vassula's books for years.
(Father Guido Sommavilla SJ, Milan, April 1997)

I have also been asked to say why I support the messages of True Life in God. If somebody had told me about Vassula before I myself had heard her or had read the messages, I would probably have been uninterested, supposing it was another silly sect. I would not have said it was impossible with prophesies, revelations or messages like these, but I never had met anything like it. But since I for the first time heard Vassula in Rome in march 1995 I have been convinced that it is all true.

(Reverend Sverker Trônet, Sweden, May 1998)

My daily conversion is being assisted by Jesus' messages given us through Vassula. These messages are not the only means Jesus is using but they do play a major role in guiding my life toward Him. I am especially helped by living my day with Jesus and Mary using 'We, Us' to remember that I am always in the presence of the Holy.
(H. S. B., OSB, Mexico, September 1999)

About this time I heard of Vassula and became slightly acquainted with "The Messages". Easter '96 I wet to hear her speak in Limerick and realised that "the Pearl of great price" was within reach. Thereafter things happened very rapidly. In October'96 Vassula came to speak at "The Point" in Dublin. At that time we had the privilege of having her stay for a few days here in our Convent in Rathmines. The impact she made on me was tremendous. I felt awed by the fact that we were in the presence of a very special favourite of the Lord's. Through the good offices of Frank Reynolds on November 24, '96 we had a prayer meeting in Rathmines at which Sula and a companion from Rhodos were present. The events of that day changed my life. True Life in God became the focus of all my energies. The sins and failings of my earlier life had always been a burden of guilt that kept me looking back at me instead of into the loving face of my beloved Abba.
(Sr. N. D., Dublin, Ireland, September 1999)

I was introduced to True Life in God in November of 1997. I can only BEGIN to speak of the difference it has made in my life. How I pray, who I pray to, what I pray for, what brings me joy, what grieves my heart, what gives me life, how I spend my time, what I talk about, how I relate with others, all this has changed since TLIG.
I am a cradle Catholic and a Benedictine Sister. Brought up in a faith filled family, I was privileged to have a relationship with God from a tender age. Still, it seems by comparison, that I never knew the Triune God before. I have fallen in love with the Thrice Holy and this has changed my life. I have a greater love and deeper appreciation for Scriptures, the Sacraments (especially the Eucharist and Confession), my faith, Mary, the church and my vocation.
(Sr. J. H., OSB, USA, September 1999)

I am a cradle Catholic and a Benedictine Sister. I was privileged to have a relationship with God from a tender age. Still, it seems by comparison, that I never knew the Triune God before. I have fallen in love with The Trice-Holy, and this has changed my life. I have a greater love and deeper appreciation for Scriptures, the Sacraments (especially the Eucharist and confession). My faith, Mary, the church and my vocation. I have always experienced the mercy and compassion of God in ways I never experienced them before-in me, effecting my own healing; and through me, into the lives of others. My knowledge and understanding of life and faith has deepened. I pray for Vassula, grateful for allowing herself to be used in such an incredible way.

(Sr. S.J.H., USA, September 1999)

In my mind and heart there was no question that Jesus was speaking to me through Vassula. Then I became as a sponge reading everything the Lord put before me. I experienced tremendous sorrow for my sins and cried for weeks. I sometimes still experience that. I had such a longing for God and a fear of sin that I actually wanted to die then to be with God. . . . . I can't even begin to tell you the kindness and goodness of Our Lord and Our Lady to me! I would be forever writing. Suffice it to say They continue to lead me. Worldly things mean nothing to me anymore.
(Sr. M. A. of Jesus (novice), Fort Wayne, USA, September, 1999)

I have been a Carmelite contemplative nun for over 28 years. It is important, I feel, for me to say at the outset of this that from when I was 18 years I have tried to give myself totally to God - never to refuse Him anything. However, as a result of becoming acquainted with Vassula I have experienced a radical conversion. As I began to read Jesus words to Vassula (and particularly after she prayed over me) I became aware to my amazement that my heart was quite hardened to God. Without my knowing it, a spirit of the world and rationalism under the guise of an "incarnational spirituality" had crept into my soul. Reading, allowing the words of Jesus through Vassula sink into my heart has helped me ... to "convert" my "whole" being - especially my heart with all the hitherto dormant fires of its God given passion over to True Life in God.
(Sr. T. A. McC., Santa Clara, USA, September 1999)

I believe that the messages of TLG are almost self-validating, for I cannot imagine how they could have been written except under the control of the Spirit. The aspects of the messages which strike me most are the sense of intimacy with Jesus and the Father which they convey, the help they supply in learning to trust them, and the sense of how God works step by step in the souls of Vassula, myself, and others. I have a doctorate in physics, have spent a great deal of time studying theology, and have had a fair amount of experience in giving spritual direction. I would like to confirm Fr. Edward O'Connor's opinion expressed in his response to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Although isolated snippets from TLG could be understood in a negative way, the general context of the work makes it clear that TLG is not only free of error but is a profound, brilliant, and loving exposition of the gospel.
(Fr. R. J. P., S.J., USA, September 1999)

About a year ago I started to read TLIG thanks to a member of my community. My life in general had been very dry for years. This included attitudinal problems with the Vatican and Church leadership in general and a weak stance on abortion. Changes began immediately within me after reading TLIG. First I began praying the rosary everyday and the more I read, the more conscious I became of God, our Blessed Mother and the angels in my daily life. The messages also clarified for me what the call to pray, pray, pray meant and have been given the grace during conscious moments day and night to invoke God more than I ever had in the past.
(S. R. V., OSB, USA, September 1999)

It is now nearly three years I am in touch with the TLIG news which has brought about a remarkable change in my attitude towards my relationship with Jesus and Mary. It is an attitude of utter simplicity after knowing the mind of Jesus and His expectations of us humans, especially from those who have dedicated themselves by religious vows to strive after perfect love, which I picked up from the conversations between Jesus and Vassula. I have implicit faith in the authenticity of the messages that come to us through Vassula Ryden. The spiritual enlightenment that I have received is that spiritual the journey towards religious perfection isn't as complicated as I formerly thought, but it is so very simple. Praying constantly means being aware of the living presence of Jesus at our side when we are busy at our work and not necessarily to be on our knees in our Chapel as I formerly understood. The T.L.I.G. books taught me that Jesus is so easily pleased and He is simply longing for our constant love and thought of Him. This has been a gradual process but is a new light with conviction.
(Sr. A., India, October 1999)

Today I am enrolled in the Permanent Diaconate program within the Archdiocese of Boston, seeking to further serve The Lord, to work in His vineyard at a greater depth than ever before in my life. In many ways this is the direct result of Vassula's visit to Boston when as part of my work on her visit I came to know the Director of Spirituality for the Archdiocese and drew closer to the PD program. TLIG has opened the door, shown me the way to becoming more deeply enveloped within His Sacred Heart. While many influences in my life have helped me to arrive here, primarily my wife with her love, it was TLIG that was the catalyst which helped move me to take these recent steps in my continuing journey to better serve the Lord.
(F. C., USA, October 1999)

I was first exposed to the writings that come from the hand of Vassula Ryden about two and a half years ago, in Peru. I also was able to meet her several years ago in Peru. I was especially impressed by the 'ordinary-ness' of Vassula, the simple clarity of her message, and the humble fidelity of her presentation. I did not see a person who was promoting herself. Rather she maitained a faithfulness to what the Lord had told her. Nothing added on. I did not begin to read the messages themselves, however, for a couple of years after first meeting her. I would not say that they provoked a dramatic change of my life, but the messages came to me like a breath of fresh air. The words I began to read sounded to me like the voice of the Lord that I already knew and loved, and came to renew me and draw me closer, to him and to his Holy Mother. I was astounded by the depth of the spirituality of the writings - touching those places that only those greatest mystics of the Church have been able to talk about
(Rev. J. H. P., C.S.C., USA, October 1999)

After reading TLIG, striving - despite Satan's terrible oppressions - to live it, and finding it so helpful in making myself faithful too to the spirituality of St. John Bosco, I re-decided to be either a good Salesian priest or nothing at all and re-committed my self again to offer my life for the young persons God will send me as a Salesian and for any soul He wants me to guide for his or her salvation in Christ. Since then whatever God gave me to do: Holy Masses, confessions, retreats, catechetical sessions, classroom activities, conferences, counselling, homilies and spiritual directions - all for saving souls- have been powerful and grace-filled experiences. Never have I felt myself as a real instrument of His as now! Praised be Jesus Christ!
(Fr. R. S., SDB, Philippines, October 1999)

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