The True Life in God messages are profoundly spiritual and are written in a clear and direct language. We are invited to enter into conversation with God substituting Vassulaís name in these texts for our own. Once having done that we are gently led into the mysteries of the Triune God and begin to grow in the Knowledge of God. Through the bounty of the Holy Spirit acting in us (Second Pentecost) we then begin to grow in Godís Love, Peace and Unity.

The messages, received by Vassula since 1986, are available to read in book form and also here on the internet. The different presentations are:

There is an email service available that sends a TLIG daily message by email.

The complete Messages are available in a single volume book. The 1170 page leather bound volume (size: 22 x 16 x 3 cms) contains all the published TLIG messages (Notebooks 1 - 110). The book can be ordered from HERE


Thursday, 12-Dec-2019 06:56:42 GMT

Thursday, 12-Dec-2019 06:56:42 GMT