2. Jesus takes up His Cross

(Mt 27.31;  Mk 15.20;  Lk 23.26;  Jn 19.17)

They tied up My feet with ropes, and told Me to walk to where My Cross was. Daughter, I could not go since they had My feet tied, so they hauled Me to the ground and dragged Me by My hair towards My Cross. My pain was intolerable; parts of my flesh which hung from the scourging was ripped off. They loosened the ropes off My feet and kicked Me to get up and lift My burden on My shoulders. I could not see where My Cross was, for My Eyes were filled up with My Blood, which was streaking down My Face from the thorns which had penetrated My Head. So they lifted My cross and laid it on My shoulders, pushing Me towards the gates. Daughter, O how heavy My Cross was which I had to bear! I felt My way to the gate, led by the scourge behind Me; I tried to see My way through My Blood, which burned My Eyes. (November 9, 1986)

The cross you will bear is My Cross of Peace and Love, but to bear My precious Cross, daughter, you will have to do much self-sacrifice; be strong and bear My Cross with love ; with Me you will share it and you will share My sufferings.

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