8. Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem

(Lk 23.27-32)

Women in agony came forth, washing My swollen Face; I heard them weeping and mourning; I felt them, "Be blessed," I uttered. "My Blood will wash away all sins of mankind; behold, daughter, the time has come for your salvation." (November 9th, 1986)

Alas! for those who would still be carrying their sin, coiled inside them as with child when My Day comes! (June 2nd, 1991)

Then all the earthly rulers, the governors and the commanders, the rich people and the men of influence, the whole population, slaves and citizens, will take to the mountains to hide in caves and among the rocks. They will say to the mountains and the rocks, `fall on us and hide us away from the One who sits on the Throne and from the anger of the Lamb (March 3rd, 1992)

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