11. Jesus is nailed to the Cross

(Mt 27.35+55;  Mk 15.24;  Lk 23.33+49;  Jn 19.18)

They quickly nailed My Wrists first; and after allowing the nails to set in My Cross, they stretched My broken Body, and with violence, pierced My Feet through. Daughter, O daughter, what pain, what agony, what torment of My Soul. Forsaken by My beloved ones, denied by Peter, upon whom I would found My Church, denied by the rest of My friends, left all alone, abandoned to My foes, I wept, for My soul was filled with sorrows. (November 9th, 1986)

I have allowed them to crucify Me - all out of Love for you. O children of The Crucified! How could you forget all that I have done for you? Wisdom had descended, to be taken by force and by law. I was despised and rejected by men to bear your sufferings. I was nailed to the Wood to free you. I allowed them to pierce Me and deliver you. I accepted a most painful death, so that your soul may live and be able to share My Kingdom. I let My Blood run out into Rivers so that you may obtain Eternal Life. For your sake, I allowed Myself to be taken for a sinner. (March 3rd, 1989)

How could you not love one another? How could you honour Me when you select and reject?

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