12. Jesus dies on the Cross

(Mt 27.50;  Mk 15.37;  Lk 23.46+49;  Jn 19.30)

The soldiers erected My Cross, setting it in the furrow. I gazed upon the crowds from where I was, hardly seeing from My swollen Eyes. I watched the world; I saw no friend among those who mocked Me; no one was there to console Me. "My God! My God! why have you forsaken Me?" Forsaken by all those who loved Me. My gaze fell on My Mother; I looked upon Her, and Our Hearts spoke: "I am giving You My beloved children to be your children too. You are to be their Mother." (November 9th, 1986)

Remember when I was on the Cross? what were the words I said? I said that She is your Mother too ; She loves you and cares for you ; Abba gives to whom He pleases ; accept what God is giving you.

I cried out from My Cross. It was My last, loud cry I gave when I was in flesh, a cry full of sufferings, pains, and bitterness resounding from the depths of My Soul, piercing the heights in Heaven. It shook the earth's foundations and tore in half the hearts of those who loved Me, as it ripped the veil in the Temple. It aroused devoted followers of Mine, as It aroused the dead from the graves, overthrowing the earth that covered them, as It overthrew Evil. Great thunder shook the very Heavens above, and every angel, trembling, fell prostrate and worshipped Me in total silence. My Mother, standing nearby, on hearing My Cry, fell to the ground on her knees and covered her face, weeping, carrying that last cry with Her to the day of Her dormition, She suffered... (April 29th, 1987)

All was ending; salvation was near; I saw the heavens open, and every angel stood erect; all stood in silence: "My Father, into Your Hands I commend My Spirit; I am with You now." (November 9th, 1986)

I am embittered, suffering still from many iniquities of the world, wickedness, lawlessness, and egoism. My Cry is growing louder every day. I was left alone on My Cross, alone to bear the sins of the world on My Shoulders, alone to suffer, alone to die, shedding My Blood, which covered the entire world, redeeming you, My beloved ones. That same Cry is now on earth like an echo of the past. Am I living in the shadows of the past? Was My Sacrifice in vain? How can you not hear then My Cry from The Cross? Why do you shut your ears and dispel It? (April 29th, 1987)

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