All these testimonies of laity are extracts from the originals.

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(See also testimonies of clergy and religious)

My journey with Jesus began through the messages. I learned to pray more with my heart, offering Him my will everyday. My yearning to learn more about my faith urged me to study my catechism and the Holy Scriptures. Loving Jesus made me love His Commandments and the Laws of His Church, especially the Sacraments of Confession and the Holy Eucharist. He made me realize the importance of the love for suffering for others and for the enemies of His Church, the veneration of His Mother and our union with the Pope and the Magesterium.
(C. Z., Philippines, October 1999)

I have just seen the video tape of True Life in God by Vassula Ryden, and it answered a lot of questions … for me. I am a prisoner here at Mid-Michigan Correctional Center, my renewal of my faith has been my strength … Thank you for whatever you can send. I will share it with others here. May God bless you in the work you do for Him.

I took a four-month course so that I could visit prisons in order to introduce True Life in God to the prisoners. One of the chaplains I met works in three juvenile detention halls. He has been touched by Vassula's messages and he is letting me bring the books to the young prisoners who are so happy to get them.

(T.R., Mission Viejo, California)

I have almost completed book #4 and the joy I have received defies expression. The messages have changed many of my prayers. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. May you continue this glorious work.
(M.S., Long Island, New York)

I'm very grateful to all of you over there who are responsible for keeping those books.
(L.P., Hawaii)

… my spiritual relationship with Church & intimate relationship with Our Father & Jesus & Mary has grown so very much in depth. Seems wisdom is beginning to come as Gift through these graces of reading, reflecting, praying & meditating on the writings within True Life in God.
(G.D., San Antonio,Texas)

I have found reading the series a sort of my daily routine and meditation asking Him to make me more Holy today than yesterday.
(P.A., Staten Island, N.Y.)

A priest loaned me the tape "True Life in God" tape 3 - Vassula Ryden. My husband and I were so inspired by it that we would like to have one of our own.
(D.A., Fort Wright, Kentucky)

… thank you for publishing Vassula's writings … I am deeply touched by these teachings.
(S.B., Tipp City, Ohio)

I enjoyed listening again and again to the tapes of Vassula as well as reading the books. I feel the Lord talking to me personally.
(C.C., Stockton, California)

The tape is incredible; stupendous; miraculous … Surely it is an inspiration, and also a very practical aid to prayer …
(T.F., Mexico City)

I've gotten a lot closer to the Lord ever since I started to read these messages.
(D. D., San Antonio, Texas)

I am deeply touched with the words our Lord has spoken to Vassula.
(D.F. Poznan, Poland)

… truly beautiful. Now I can show them [videos] to all my friends. We need to let as many people know about these wonderful messages as possible.
(M.G., Johannesburg, South Africa)

I had the privilege of hearing Vassula Ryden at St. Elizabeth's Church … I was so moved. I have no financial way to purchase the books … do you have any damaged books …? I could mail them back after I read them … I will enjoy it with all my heart.
(D.D., Wyandotte, Michigan)

I am in contact with a lot of young people via my children and my job … It would be easy … to spark their interest and get them to read the messages … I think it is the most important thing that has ever happened to me.
(K.L., Davisburg, Michigan)

Vassula is being used by Jesus mightily. My dear sister-in-law is Jesus' loyal evangelist bringing His messages from Vassula to all her family …

(G.M., New Bedford, Massachusetts)

… our priest did a sermon on the tape. It was very moving and inspired my husband and I.
(W.P., Illinois)

I am very impressed and inspired by Vassula's messages that the Lord has given her and with her responding like she has. Vassula's revelations are the most consoling and uplifting that I have ever heard or read …
(M.W. Hanford, California)

… Fantastic. Wonderful. Thanks be to God!!
(F.W., Niagra, Wisconsin)

These books are terrific! Tell Vassula, everyone I lend them to believe that they are from Jesus.
(C.W., Port Washington, NY)

I have enjoyed the five volumes I have tremendously. It has changed my life for the best.
(J.P., Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada)

I had the wonderful experiences of hearing and seeing beautiful Vassula, in N.W. Palm Beach …What wonderful things are happening.
(M.S., West Palm Beach, California)

I feel in my spirit it is from God … how blest I felt!
(K.V., Little Falls, Minnesota)

We should not stop praying to support Vassula because the publication is not a surprise. Those of us with personal supernatural experiences about Vassula know she is not a fake. May God grant her the strength and courage to wade through this trial in Jesus' name.
(A.A., Stockholm, Sweden)

Mrs. H. had experienced seeing Christ [Sacred Heart statue] shining when Vassula was giving her conference on March 30 [1995] at Tokyo. Mrs. H. decided to give the account after reading your article on similar experiences in other countries!
(S.H., Yokahama, Japan)

Vassula was explaining about how kind, gentle and not reprimanding Jesus is … I had been watching the microphone and all of a sudden it was not arm I seen but a white sleeve covering the arm. White so very bright it made my eyes tear … it was not Vassula I was seeing and listening to but Jesus himself. He had a gold ring kind of collar on the white gown … and a gold throw over his shoulder. The most beautiful gold I have ever seen … I was in a state of amazement. I seen him for what seemed like 3 minutes … I only know all I could do was cry … Thank you Trinitas for printing Jesus messages … to bring them to the world for Jesus.
(H.K., Moline, Illinois)

I began to see the face of Jesus in Vassula … As she was speaking, I blinked, I moved my head in several positions, thinking it was an illusion caused by lighting or shadows; however, the face remained the same, and I watched it for about 10 minutes more before it turned back to the face of Vassula … I saw Christ's face again, but this time He had a crown of thorns, and I could actually see blood dripping down the sides of His face … On two other occasions … at St. John's University in New York … I intermittently saw her face change to that of Christ … The second day He appeared as Christ the King with a shimmering gold crown …
(S.P., Orange, Connecticut)

She (Vassula) reached out her hand and as I touched her hand and looked into her face, I saw the face of Jesus Christ. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't even move. It was the most beautiful face I have ever seen. His eyes were magnificent … I hope this will help you in your efforts in promoting Vassula and the Divine messages she is delivering to all of us.
(M.T.C., Trumbull, Connecticut, USA)

In December, 1993, I found myself spiritually, emotionally (and wanting to be (physically dead). My marriage of 20 years over, the sudden death of my father, loss of my job and home … June 12, 1994 … Vassula arrived and began to speak … She then turned towards the area where I was sitting … and my sister hit me and said, "Do you see that?" I did. It was Jesus standing in front of us. I felt as if he were looking right at me … his beard, the long face and his head hanging to one side, a crown of thorns. He looked exhausted and sad. I began to cry and begged for forgiveness and the same time I started to thank Him … I felt like someone had taken all my anxiety and replaced it with shear peacefulness and joy … Celebration of Mass started and it meant more to me than any mass I had ever attended. I heard every word and felt God's presence in me after communion. [Driving away from the site] I yelled, look at the sun! … In the sky was the sun and a huge disc in front of it … and the outer part … spinning. Different colors were shooting out of it. Circles or balls of blue and green and pink were falling all around it … even the children saw it. 3 weeks later, I received all the volumes of True Life in God from my mother. My life will never be the same. For me, it's a very personal message of love from my creator. When people at church see how joyful I am they say, `if that's what you got from reading Vassula Ryden I want to read those messages'.
(T.R. Mission Viejo, California)

I am a refugee from Uganda living in Norway. I read only volume 6 of True Life in God and My Angel, Daniel … I was so much impressed by Our Lord's messages … Vassula came physically to Oslo, Norway … I was moved and impressed by the way she talked, behaved. She is a simple and humble servant of Our Lord and talks with Wisdom.
(V.B., Namsos, Norway)

I have been reading Vassula's books and it has brought me so close to Our Lord in ways you cannot imagine. I was one who had left my faith years ago … through Our Blessed Mother she came to me in spirit and brought me home. I pray for Vassula every day and want to thank her.
(Not identified)

I was raised Armenian Orthodox but as an adult never went to church. One day the only parking space I could find was in front of a Catholic gift shop. As I parked I was drawn into the store, where I normally would have had no interest in going, because I saw the most beautiful state of Mary. Once in the store, I bought a tape of Vassula speaking because I mistakenly thought it was relaxation music. When I began to listen to the messages I wept for having shut myself off so many years from such riches of the Holy Spirit. The messages have changed my life completely, I go to daily Mass in the Catholic Church, pray the Catholic rosary and when I go to the Armenian church I tell them about Vassula. Now we have a prayer group of both faiths. When Vassula came to L.A. to speak I saw Jesus' face for half hour. First He looked like a teacher and then when Vassula told how the Eternal Father does not want to lose our souls, does not want to have to walk by the room reserved for us and see it empty for all eternity, I saw Jesus' face all weak and haggard and in agony. My husband, who was a non-believer, really surprised me by taking me to Lourdes a few months ago.
(A.G., La Canada, California)

I first saw Vassula at St. John's University in New York. I went hoping to hear Medjugorje speakers. I had no interest in Vassula; I didn't think it was real but as soon as she began to speak I knew this was from God. I introduced my friend to the messages. He was raised Greek Orthodox but was not practicing Christianity; had an Indian shaman as a spiritual director. Now he is disseminating the messages, praying the rosary and his shaman also loved the video of Vassula's talk!
(L.M.., Moriches, N.Y.)

My 70-year-old brother has been a life-long Catholic but nothing before has quickened him in the spirit like these messages.
(C.G., Kalispell, Minnesota, USA)

I was praying in a corner of the church, feeling sad about the notice from the Vatican. The priest to whom I had given the messages tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, "I just read Volume 8. It's a gem. Nothing else matters."
(C.H., Potomac, Maryland)

We have had a Bible and True Life in God study group. Our group members are good, orthodox Catholics. We are obedient to the Church. We have discerned the messages and we are not surprised at this persecution. We don't hold anything against anyone and this "notification" does not disturb our peace.
(A.K., Cheshire, Connecticut)

I have prayed and discerned all week and I feel that Vassula is definitely from the Lord. I am distressed that this erroneous information came out of Cardinal Ratzinger's office for whom I have such respect. I think all the objections had been answered by Fr. Laurentin's books. I think it is strange that it is the Catholics who are supposedly astonished by her taking communion when it is the Orthodox who seem to have a problem with Orthodox receiving in the Catholic Church.
(D.D., Prairie Village, Kansas, USA)

My divorced daughter came back to the church through the messages. While Vassula was talking (in Omaha) I saw the face of the suffering Christ. During communion I looked and saw Vassula, after receiving, in such peace with the face of someone in total union with Christ.
(I.K., Missouri, USA)

I have been personally touched and I have seen a lot of fruits so my faith in the messages has not been affected (by the Vatican notification). I hope the notice will be retracted.
(R.H., Houston,Texas)

I decided to quit my job and spend the rest of my life to God's service and especially to spread this message of His love … He has given me the grace to be closer to Him in a deeper sense and this happened after I read the books True Life in God.
(A.M.W., Kowloon, Hong Kong)

The messages have changed my life and my daughter's life. When I read Jesus' words: "I leave you with the sigh of My Love on your forehead", I had the real physical sensation of that sigh on my forehead and I have felt His presence while reading the messages. Nothing could convince me that these messages are not from God. I am especially sad for my daughter because she believes she must be obedient and not read the messages any more.
(G.B., Santa Maria,California)

I know that my Lord and my God was teaching me one on one … I thank you - her friends - who have made it possible for me and everyone to receive God's Beautiful Words.
(C.S., Kittanning, Pennsylvania)

Every parent should know that these books are true. I've had those feelings of love for each of my 6 children and I've felt great anxiety when I've seen them in harm's way.
(N.C., Roy, Utah)

I asked my Christmas card friend, who is a Father-abbot in Utah if he had heard of True Life in God. He wrote back saying the monks were reading it and it was a beautiful testament of God's love.
(M.C., Cumberland, Maryland)

[After the books were recommended]: I just said "Dear Lord, I don't want to fall into error, but I also don't want to miss anything you have for me … I'm going to give this a fair chance, trusting You will lead me and protect me." With each page I was drawn more into the freedom and child-likeness God wants us to have with Him. I'd be up most nights until 1, 2 or 3 in the morning. Putting the book down would be like saying goodbye to Jesus & I wanted that peace of His presence never to end.
I had given several books away … one was to a Methodist; she loved it! Another was an RCIA candidate, a fallen-away Catholic & she too loved it. [She began showing videos of Vassula's talks to groups]. Sometimes moms brought children; teens came back bringing other teens (or even parents!) One night we had 16 high school Catholics … I would open my door and whole groups would be standing there. I hadn't called any of them! … Between July 1 and July 30 we had a total of 190 people … of which 53 were teens!
(C.H., Kingswood, Texas)

I am 72 years of age, I have lived in great darkness and rebellion for many years not really knowing God's love for me. Even after receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit I remained selfish and judgmental; only after re-reading "True Life in God" slowly and prayerfully … have I realized how much I needed to repent of my bitter attitude … and to start to love God as he needs to be loved (with His love). I cannot discount the calmness and the peace that I am experiencing … My life is gravitating towards God and His Design for His Creation.
(H.C.W., San Francisco)

… I knelt as I was reading the five books … to accept His presence while reading the messages … incidents happened during the day and later in the evening as I was reading, His messages would reflect on the incidents of the day. He was having things occur in my life and then teaching me the same day on the same subject … these messages brought me to the understanding of His mercy, pity, forgiveness … His love. He lets me see through others' sins, how I so greatly offended Him … and then how he so patiently waited for me with all his immeasurable and indescribable love. He gave me understanding of the benefits of my fall so I could share his mercy [with] the poorest of souls and to encourage them into his waiting peace."
(G.K., Denver, Colorado)

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