All these testimonies of laity are extracts from the originals.

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On the stage was a picture of Jesus. I saw the picture change into a picture of a man who was badly beaten. Vassula's own face changed while she was speaking. It looked like she grew a beard. I wanted to get a better look so I reached into my purse for my glasses. I heard a male voice whom I believed to be Jesus say, "Look with your heart J." So I put my glasses away. By the time Vassula finished speaking, her face had returned to its original state and the picture on the stage looked like a handsome Jesus again. Ö I wanted to tell everyone. I wanted to shout.
(J.H., USA, October 1999)

When I first heard of Vassula, I was very skeptical. A friend loaned me a tape of one of her talks. It took me a while before I watched it. But, when I did, I could hear God speaking to me. At that point, I found the order form for the books and ordered the first. When I first began reading the book, I felt that it was too personal and questioned if this could be from God. But, after continuing in the reading, I could feel and hear God speaking and knew it was He speaking to us. I continue to hear God reaching out to us in these messages.
(D. K., USA, October 1999)

I came to know of Vassula through a newsletter in the local daily before her last visit to Goa on 25.1.98. I attended her meeting and subsequently read TLIG Vol. I & II Books. Through these messages, I came to know a loving and living God, who cares and loves me so very much. One day I got a lovely fragrance smell, even though thee were no flower bearing trees in the vicinity of my house. I was a Sunday churchgoer, with once a year confession and daily Mass on special occasions. As a teenager, I was a very active parishioner, in my parish. Since reading TLIG messages I am a daily Mass Participant, frequently visit the Most Blessed Sacrament and go for confession once a month. Since my marriage in 1991, we never prayed the Rosary, but thanks be to God, it is our daily salute to our loving Mother. My husband too through TLIG messages rediscovered a living God.
(S. G., Goa, India, October 1999)

I grew up Mormon but rebelled at age 12 turning to drugs and alcohol for the next 24 years. I became sober in 1993 by the Grace of God in Whom I still did not believe. In January 1997 I was reading an events magazine. I read an article entitled "When God Talks Vassula Listens." Two weeks later I got the article out and with incredible fire in my soul began my search for the messages and the love that was leading me. With the help of others, the reading of the messages and the understanding of my wife who also took up the messages we were drawn to the Catholic Church. We were baptized, Confirmed and received our First Communion at Easter Vigil March 1998. On February 13, 1999 my wife, Rolene, and I celebrated the Sacrament of Matrimony. We have been blessed by our Triune God and are learning to lower our heads to wee His face and our voices to hear His call. We are His Children.
(E. M., USA, October 1999)

In the messages from Jesus to Vassula, Jesus gives us many beautiful messages, encouragement and teaching. The main benefit for me was to learn that we could be on a " we-us" relationship with Jesus, He made us His friend not only our God and Saviour, Jesus accepted us as His friend. Also I was able to learn of and understand Jesus great love for His children, because He was talking as a friend, a friend full of loving kindness. The books enable us to know more and understand better Jesus's
nature, and thus we can feel more comfortable with Him and be closer to Him.
(J. G., England, October 1999)

I understand that my being a Legionary of Mama Mary, she guided me all through those experiences to prepare me for Jesus messages through Vassula. With all the formation I have gone through including exposure to the works of the great deceiver, I have felt and accepted Jesus messages not only in the intellectual level but also on the psychological and spiritual level. Each word struck my mind and heart, all of my experiences have been affirmed by the messages. After reading the messages it is as if Mama Mary and Jesus were sharing not only their joys, but also their pain to me.
(A. M. F. G. G., Philippines, October 1999)

I find it difficult to put into words the effect that true life in God has had in my life... Words cannot describe how wonderful, how incredible, how fantastic it is to have an intimate relationship with God. 'True life in God' not only describes it to me in an incredible way, but the holy spirit teaches me through the messages how to live my life as a christian woman.
(C. H., England, October 1999)

A friend gave me one of the "True Life in God" books and from that time my life changed! At night, when I first read the messages, I cried after realizing how sinful and far from God I was! Ever since, I go to Church and take communion every Sunday. I go to confession at least once a month. I made peace with relatives I hadnít spoken to for years. Vassula was the cause of my mothers conversion back to Christ. Vassula was being interviewed on the television and her face changed, my mother saw the Blessed Virgin Mary. After that, she looked for the "True Life in God" books and joined the prayer group. She still gives thanks to our Blessed Mother Mary for giving her the grace to see Her through Vassula
(M. C. I., Greece, Οctober 1999)

When I first read "True Life in God by Vassula Ryden " I knew that it was Jesus who was speaking to me. I sensed His love,sweetness and power. Now my life has changed, for I have learned to have a special and intimate relationship with Jesus. I have learnt to understand the closeness of God to us all and that the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary is inseparable. Since 1993 my home has been opened up for our monthly prayer meeting on the first Saturday of the month. Praise be Jesus and Mary.
(M. G. J., Johannesburg, South Africa., October 1999)

I was born Roman Catholic married to a Reformed man. I was looking for a "spiritual group". I found one and they borrowed me a book of Vassula. I liked it very much. It is an answer to my spiritual searching. Now I understand the "Three in One God", our Holy Pope, and the R.C.Church much better."
(J. De J., Holland, October 1999)

During Fasula (Vassula)'s talk I kept smelling roses even though all I could see, by our Lady's statue which was next to me, was poinsettias. At the intermission I asked the person next to me about it and she told me it was Our Blessed Lady - that she always accompanies Fasula wherever she goes. It was the most beautiful scent I ever smelled and I believed it was Our Lady.
(K. G., USA, September 1999)

Through Father Henry Bordeaux, I was introduced to the messages of Vassula Ryden in 1991 in Austin, Texas. One of the biggest impacts of my spirituality is that I began to comprehend the nearness of God and, that, He is truly omni-present. I grew up viewing Him as a distant God up in the Cosmos and too busy for my small problems. I never tire of sharing this with others and I tell young children as well as adults about his nearness for this has become a true reality for me.
(M. D. B. Grubb, Texas, USA, September 1999)

My life before TLIG was not a debaucherous one but I enjoyed going out, enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh and did not have a prayer to speak of. The rosary to me was an ornament to be hung from your car mirror. I started reading TLIG and was immediately aware of the intimacy of God with Vassula, the interest in every detail of her life. Intimacy for is difficult as I come from a divorced background and emotional and physical abuse have desensitized me a lot. The search for truth began.
(R. H., Zambia, September 1999)

In 1992 while reading the Sentinel I came across a small article about a Greek Orthodox lady, Vassula Ryden, who was coming to Australia with a message from "God". It was the tiny print of Our Lords handwriting that struck me. "This was from Heaven."- I had to go and hear what He had to say. I had to plan this trip carefully, as I had an elderly mother at home, and needed to get back quickly. That day was the happiest day of my life-for I came home from the city with the first two editions of 'True Life In God', and my life changed. I was just so happy. I am reading them all constantly now- for about the sixth time. They are the joy of my life. I started back to confession, Mass, and daily prayer- for the Lord is my life now, and my Joy, my only love.
(J. H., Australia, September 1999)

It was only after reading your messages that I could truly believe, now I no longer try to find out why, I can just accept that God wants me to love Him, Jesus and Mary. I try to attend daily Mass and receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I try to say the Rosary everyday before I do anything else, I say prayers every morning to The Divine Mercy and consecrate myself to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. I also say the 3 prayers that Jesus asked you to give to us. To make a long story short, I want you to know that my prayer life has become the most important thing in my life, I want Jesus to come first and I have full confidence that our Mother Mary hears our prayers.
(B. H., Canada, September 1999)

We are an Orthodox family from Bucharest (Romania). We have been acquainted with "True Life in God" since 1994, when a Greek Catholic nun gave us a number of the "Stella Maris" magazine. All the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin and the messages KEPT US IN LIFE. All these celestial manifestations made us become more Christian and love the religion we were born in. These opened our hearts.
(L. I., Romania, September 1999)

The messages of True Life in God gave me an insight that God is reality - that He is actually conversing with someone. Faith can go so far without some sign of feedback. I guess that I am no different than 'doubting' Thomas from Jesus' time on earth with the Apostles.
(G. K., Australia, September 1999)

If TLIG is false then where am I heading? My prayer life has undergone a major change and I now renew the sacrifice of the Mass daily and go to Confession monthly, I love spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I have not got into 'celebrating the Liturgy' as most do these days. To me the Mass is a re-enactment of Calvary and not a memorial celebration. I no longer work on Sundays and lead a much more relaxed life. I have consecrated my life to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
(A. K., New Zealand, September 1999)

I opened Vassula's books again. The summer of '94 I found God's peace. Every night I would read many pages of her books and during sleep I never felt such joy and I would wake up feeling Jesus was at my side. I would talk with Jesus all day long I visited the adoration chapel 4 - 5 x/wk. It was so easy to feel God's presence and His love. People even commented on the peace I had. I can say without a doubt Jesus writings to Vassula gave me peace that summer. ... Since that summer my prayer life continues to blossom - certainly I have dry times. I attend Mass daily.
(S. K., USA, September 1999)

Through reading the mesaages, trying to do as Jesus wishes, praying with my friends, I have not only changed the focus of my life to put God first, but I have learned that I may have a very personal relationship with Jesus and Mary. I have been inspired to fast. I have learned to pray frequently to the Holy Spirit for His gifts and have received Him frequently at healing TLiG services--all skepticism has vanished. I have wept for sorrow and joy and awe at God's Love.
(K. McC., Atlanta, USA, August 1999)

When I was offered the first volume of "True Life in God," I was a rather indifferent Catholic who had forgotten all of God's commandments. One of the souls "dying in the wilderness," as God said to Vassula. I started reading volume one at a difficult time in my life. A time of despair, temptation and corruption where I was following modern society on the gentle and comfortable path to the abyss. I couldn't put the book down, and a great sense of urgency overcame me. I dropped to my knees and said the Rosary for each of my family and friends, as if their souls were that night to be called by God to account for their deeds.
(P. McN., Australia, August 1999)

For me it was a wake up call. Reading all the messages from 1986 on to the last, gave a greater insight to where I was spiritually headed. It has stirred up my prayer life, and I hope for the better. It has encouraged me to read more, on the lives of the saints etc. Also the reading of True Life in God has inspired me to read Maria Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God and her other works. On the whole, I hope that it has made me a better Christian and given me a better understanding and love of my Catholic Faith.
(E. M., Canada, August 1999)

I personally don't think there is a replacement for the T.L.I.G. messages. Reading them is so deeply touching; so powerful, yet gentle; so life-giving and enlightening. My relationship with my Heavenly Father was born out of these writings and I cherish them. To me, it is as though Jesus, Himself, has come to live with me. The Holy Bible is God's Word, and "True Life in God" is as though God's Word has come down to earth in the form of my best friend, my loving tutor -- not here in the flesh, but here in Spirit--so that I know and truly live as one of His people. "True Life in God" is, as I see it, one way God fulfills His promise of long ago. "The Lord says, I will bring my people back to me. I will love them with all my heart; no longer am I angry with them." Hosea 14:4
(E. N., Sweden, August 1999)

When I read Vassula's 'True Life in God', I realized that: Jesus wants us to go for confession. He wants us, those who still do not know, to learn the Rosary for His sake. 'For my sake Vassula will you learn the Rosary?' I strongly feel that these words were meant for me and I have started saying the Rosary. Jesus is encouraging us in this book to 'Hail my Mother at all times'. I have learnt to say the 'Hail Mary' any time I need help.
(S. M. N., Kenya, August 1999)

Because of True Life in God, Jesus opened my eyes to the question of Unity, and the pain the Jesus suffers because of the division in Christianity. God has led me to the decision of acknowledging the Pope as the true leader of the church on earth by converting to the Catholic Church. God has given me a lot of peace, and has through His wonderful Mother helped me to stop doing certain serious sins that I myself could not stop doing.
(P. O., Sweden, August 1999)

TLIG have given me more understanding about myself, my family and why things happened in joyful or sad way. Anything which advances one's spiritual thinking and spiritual life must comes from God. The advancement is gradual and continual, so I do not know why some do not believe in TLIG, except that their soul is not ready as yet to accept God's teaching. TLIG make me more aware the presence of the Holy Trinity, how to pray, and the feel of the presence of God in Church and anywhere. TLIG made me understand better Bible.
(K.O., England, August 1999)

This coincides with a time when I started to practice a devotion to the Virgin of Fatima ( this really is another story but is also the fruit of reading True Life in God). It was at this time that I started to pray the Rosary, something that had always seemed impossible for me as a protestant to do. Also the 3 daily prayers that Jesus recommends began to take on a new significance. From this point things have happened so quickly for me I can hardly keep pace. My whole approach to prayer changed and I was building a relationship with Jesus that in the past seemed beyond my reach. I used to wonder how we really could love Jesus. When I prayed the prayer to The Sacred Heart of Jesus I used always to ask for things that would benefit me spiritually, like allowing me to trust in Jesus completely, opening my eyes and ears and heart. The results have always been very positive and now I marvel everyday at what God in His Great Mercy has granted me.
(J. P., Malaga, August 1999)

I have followed Vassula's journey with God through her books, her videos and her personal appearances in Australia. These have made a profound change in my relationship with my God. Through Vassula's works I have learnt four vital things:
What a personal relationship with God really is, how close God is to us, how much he wants us to love Him and serve Him, and how simple and profound is God's Plan for his creatures and the whole of creation.
(J. J., Australia, October 1999)

My life before TLIG was searching for god and a "personal relationship" with him. The first time I read TLIG I felt his real presence. Before I read TLIG my prayer life was not so good. TLIG taught me to read Scripture and feel his voice talking to me personally. I feel TLIG has ben a True Gift from the Lord as he teaches me personally thru Vassula. I now, for instance, always say prayers before meals and am never ashamed or intimidated to say them at a public restaurant. My family as well. I feel TLIG gave me a true "love" for Jesus.
(K. J., USA, October 1999)

In July 1998 my wife and I have had the priviledge of hearing you speak in Germany. We experienced it as coming from the Lord God most High. I did read all your books and found them to be very enlightning. We are slowly beginning to understand the Holy Bible better, especially the last book concerning the Apocalyps. We are Catholics and I am a strong believer in His Holiness Pope John Paul II.
(J. K., Holland, October 1999)

The grace of coming into contact with the True Life in God messages and with Vassula Ryden personally is incalculable. Some of the benefits in my personal life are: a new and growing love for our Lady - the Mother of God, a new and growing love for the richness and depths of both the Orthodox and the Catholic Church, an ever increasing desire to completely consecrate myself and my life to Jesus Christ, a growing awareness of my sinful nature and my inadequacy and reliance on the Church, its teachings and sacraments and the grace of God.
(J. K, Israel, October 1999)

My conversion of starting to live a TLIG began on November, 1995. I had always felt something missing in my life but never knew exactly what it was. I had been living the high life for six months; I was going to all the "in-sports," restaurants, Barbecues, experiencing the city to the fullest. At the same time I was suffering from a broken heart. I had tried everything possible to help me get over this. I had come home and I had picked up Volume 1 and started to read-I felt the words penetrating into my insides. I felt like I had this direct line of communication with God. Every evening when I would come home I had been thirsting to read the books. It started to give me strength. I would start going to church regularly. I started to fast with prayer. I was thirsting to speak with Him. I had my confession and was able to practice true forgiveness. I could start to heal from within. I started to do charity work
(G.K., NY, USA, October 1999)

I got into all this thru a Jesuit in 1985 Ö From that time on it just soared. These messages from Jesus to Vassula have filled me personally with such joy and love for the trinity-and a closeness to God, and in particular, the Sacred Heart-of course.
(M. K., USA, September 1999)

After I read four books of True Life in God, I noticed that the will of Sacred Heart of Jesus is for us to pray. Jesus always said : "Pray for your enemy, pray for their conversion, pray for their humility. Pray so that I will give you wisdom. Pray for the unity of my church." There are so many commands from Jesus for prayers.
(I. H. L.. STh, Indonesia, October 1999)

We read many books and watched several videos about Marian apparitions around the world. But it wasn't until we started reading TLIG when we truly learned about God's personal and infinite love for us. Reading and contemplating TLIG was one of God's graces that changed our lives forever. Every day we try to remember that the God who loves us ``to folly'' is near us, that He wants to be present in our daily lives, that He calls us to live our life as He wants, that He sends on us all graces after graces. As a result of reading TLIG we have learned to pray not only the ``standard'' daily prayers but also to talk to the Three Persons of God during the day, to ask him to bless what we do and to be always with us.
(A. L. R., England, October 1999)

I have already read the TLIG messages four times, and everytime I re-read the messages, all the more the meaning becomes deeper. Today, my life has become more peaceful despite the trials and persecutions I encounter. I do not yearn for worldly things anymore for the Lord has shown me a priceless treasure - the Treasures of His Sacred Heart !
(R. L., Philippines, October 1999)

When the messages of True Life in God came into my life, I instantly understood Christ's desire for Unity in His Church. The unity He wants is the unity I prayed for in our marriage, the loving and gentle God I sought and have come to know and love is the Sacred Heart, my heart's desire. My life completely changed and so did my husband's and our children's. I found my faith again, I'm back with full strength to the Church and the Sacraments thanks to the Lord speaking to me in His Message. True Life in God is everything to me now, I ask only to do His Will and spread His Message as far and wide as He wants.
(C. B. L., Philippines, October 1999)

Meeting and listening to Vassula, since 1989, motivated me to read the messages. When I reached volume III of TLIG, I spent a wonderful time in Intimacy with God (on a high so high with happiness), for maybe one minute, or was it one hour, all within an afternoon of March 1999. The messages transformed a passive protestant into an active Catholic, who advocates the power of the faith, enjoys the Sacraments, still fears Confession, but appreciates above all the privilege to share Him in the Eucharist.

(S. L., Switzerland and Philippines, October 1999)

True Life In God allowed me to discover the True Faith, the True Love of God for us and prevented me from abandoning God. In fact, it drove me closer to God than ever.
(N. McK, UK, October 1999)

My first encounter with True Life In God was in February, l998. I went to a Prayer Meeting in Rathmines with a friend just for curiosity. I had never heard of Vassula before then. At the end of the meeting, someone said that they needed to start up another Prayer Meeting in my area, so I agreed that they could use my home on Wednesday nights. The first Prayer Meeting in my home took place on Ash Wednesday, l998, and these meetings have continued since then. A lot of wonderful healings have taken place in the past year . Although we are small in number, usually four or five, each of our families have been touched by God.

(B. McD., Ireland, October 1999)

I am a retired lawyer and have been conducting a Bible class for the Theosophical Society of Mangalore since six years at their invitation. All the members who attend the Bible class are Hindus. I am a Catholic and I've been actively involved in promoting good relations among different religious communities through inter-religious dialogue. The writings, 'True Life in God' have been a tremendous help in preparing the Bible class. Very often I found myself quoting Jesus from 'True Life in God'. I found them to be very inspiring and not in any way contradicting either the Scriptures or the official teachings of the Church. I have a friend living with me. He was away from the Sacraments for many years. After reading the Angel book and the booklet dealing with your travels to Asia, he went back to the Sacraments and now lives an intense life of prayer.
(R. J. N. N., India, October 1999)

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