All these testimonies of laity are extracts from the originals.

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Through meeting someone where I worked, I was introduced to the first volume of True Life in God. I came home and started to read it and could not put it down. I'm afraid my family had to prepare their own tea, I was so 'glued' to the books. This was a whole new revelation to me, no one ever told me that God loves me so much. Within a very short time I contacted the parish priest and told him of my wish to become a Catholic.
(P. B., UK, 1996)

Vassula was impressive indeed and I certainly saw her one moment as Jesus, the next as herself, rather like a hologram she seemed to move imperceptibly from one mode to the other. It was a relief to find this quite a concrete, physical, matter-of-fact phenomenon - not alarming, embarrassing or revolting! She is a great inspiration and does lead one to Christ in the Eucharist. I love to read her honest record of how she resisted Jesus so many times in such a human fashion.
(M. R. B., UK, 1996)

When we went to see and hear Vassula in London on 18 November, 1995 where Fr Michael was talking, we looked at Vassula and saw the Face of Jesus, then when Vassula was giving us the messages from Jesus, her voice changed, we feel we saw the figure of Jesus and saw tears on His Face, then we saw Our Lady's face. The Face of Jesus was there till Vassula had nearly finished speaking. What an experience, what a privilege.
(M. C., UK, 1996)

I try to read a portion every day, along with a portion of my bible. I am also saying the prayers. I never meet a single human being, (I'm 69 years old) who was capable of writing the way your writing, the most profound I've ever come across. No priest, no man or woman I ever met was capable of writing that way. I know its real, so real its scary. I admire and respect your courage.
(G. G., USA, October 1996)

During Vassula's talk she had a picture of Christ on the Platform with her; the Turin Shroud picture. I realized about midway through her talk that her face was changing appearance. I thought it was a trick of my eyes, so I looked away blinked a few times and looked at her again and her face had taken on the appearance of the picture. She looked just like Christ, her face and her head were glowing in a kind of bright misty light. It looked so beautiful that, unfortunately, I cannot describe in words how it made me feel. The whole thing happened for about ten minutes, I continued for quite a few minutes to shake my head, rub my eyes, look away etc to make sure that what I was seeing was real. I feel very humbled and honoured that my Lord should allow me to experience something so wonderful through Mrs Ryden. Having been a sceptic all my life, I know have a stronger, almost childlike faith because of this.
(G. O'M., UK, 1996)

Eight years ago I converted to Catholicism and, for about six years, I have spent a great deal of time meditating on the messages received by Vassula Ryden, and this has brought me nothing but benefit and a great enrichment to my spiritual life. Vassula's conversion experience perfectly describes my own. I, too, was "dead, lying among the dead", and even thought at times I could feel Jesus calling me, yet I continued to reject Him. My initial conversion took place before reading True Life in God, but in the past six years I have taken an enormous amount of benefit from the volumes. I feel that I have been helped very significantly by the guidance given to Vassula, and my prayer life and relationship with God has brought me a glorious inner peace and happiness. God has really become a centre of my life.
(H. M., UK, 1996)

The impact of the meeting was greater than I anticipated, although it was only when I came away that I realized it. It reminded me of when I was a child and that feeling of sadness when returning home after the summer holidays! It was Fr McGinnity, I think, who once described a Vassula talk as a little bit of heaven.
(D. H. A., UK, 1996)

I read "True Life in God" in Polish language and I got enlightening from Holy Spirit, that these books are real from Our God Almighty. I change completely from height of alcohol and cigarettes, now I go every day to church, I pray a lot Rosary, Chaplet and many more prayer in Polish. Every day I meditate at 3 P.M. about Passion of Christ. These books are truly from God.
(J. S., 1996)

I know that "True Life in God" is from Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit led me to see Vassula Ryden in Douglestown a few years ago. I bought one book and after reading, I order all volumes, now I got 7 volumes in Polish. These books help me to have intimate relationship with Jesus and I start to love Jesus from all my heart, mind, soul and strength. I know that messages are real from Our Lord. I am now attending Mass every day, I am praying more, I am fasting, offering everything for conversion of sinners. If you read this books, you will get discernment, that they are true Word of God.
(T. y B., 1996)

I would like to share with you what happened to me and my family after we read the books"True Life in God". It change our lives. Its messages touch our hearts. One day I decide call my sister in Venezuela (South America) and tell all about the books, she don't believe me. Anyway, but I send the books to her. 2 weeks later she call crying, and telling me the something happen to her after she read the books. She want to go to confession after 19 years. She did went to confession, going now to daily mass and saying her rosary on her knees, and her whole family has been touched too.
(M. A., Iowa, USA, January, 1996)

I will say that I have experienced God's love in a most beautiful way in the writings. I understand God more and truly felt the Spirit. So many things in life are clearer to me and I am closer to Our Lord and Mary. I love more and accept more now.
(M.A. Le B., USA, January, 1996)

My sister-in-law Helen was away from God for over 25 years. ... She had great anger in her towards my in-laws over some misunderstanding that she held on to for 17 years. Last year I had given her Vassula's books, she promised to read it and get back to me. One day after about 3 weeks, she called me and said a very strange thing happened around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, she was half way through the book and she smelled frankincense and roses around her. She put the book down, walked through her apartment - no smell. She then made a cup of tea, went back to the book and the aroma was very strong. It was coming from the book. It was a chapter on forgiveness. ... She made her first confession in 17 years, made communion and is very devotional in her prayer life and attends her church every Sunday. She became a better Christian. Has turned her whole life around.
(A. G., USA, January, 1996

I found the messages to help me better to understand how He loves us and wants us to love Him - not just intellectually, but truly with our whole body, mind, soul and spirit, to love Him with our emotions as well as our mind. It touched my heart to learn that Vassula writes His messages on her knees. I now pray more on my knees than I had done in the last several years and I find I am more attentive to prayers such as the rosary which are somewhat difficult to concentrate on.
(M. M. H., USA, January, 1996)

Since I began reading (and re-reading "TRUE LIFE IN GOD", my life and the lives of my family have changed and continue to change in deep ways. I am no longer a lapsed Catholic of over 25 years. The Holy Mass, confession, the Holy Rosary, prayer and family prayer and following the teachings of John Paul II are the most important aspects of my life.
The biggest change however, is very hard to put into words because it comes from a place so deep inside me that I hardly knew it existed. I almost constantly hunger for God. ... Somewhere it has been written that the greatest miracle is conversion. Ms. Ryden's writings have been the instrument (and continue to be) of mine.
(R. H., USA, January, 1996)

Then, in early Spring of 1994, a co-worker lent the "True Life in God" video-tape to me. I was moved. I watched it again. I was transfixed. Within a few weeks I owned all the tapes and all the existing volumes. By a great grace, I was able to see Vassula when she spoke at Notre Dame (Indiana) to a very intimate audience, in June of 1994. She was radiant; the living love of Jesus poured from her. At that moment I would say my conversion began. It would take less than a year for this one-time anti-papist to convert. Along the way to my confirmation, my husband--a non-practicing Eastern Rite Catholic--attended instruction with me and reconciled for the first time in thirty years.
(L.M. H., USA, January 1996)

When I first heard about Vassula Ryden and "True Life in God", I thought it sounded very strange and doubted that God would communicate with us in that way. However, when I read the first volume of messages, something happened in my heart. I felt the presence of Jesus in a new way. In the summer of 1994, our family was privileged to have Vassula visit in our home. I was impressed because she was very "down to earth". Our daughter asked Vassula a question about Jesus. Vassula replied "I don't know". this showed me that she was not promoting her own thoughts. Another thing that impressed me was that she laughed easily - she did not present herself as better than others. She seemed to be a happy woman who loves God deeply.
(K. M., USA, January, 1996)

Almost 4 years ago I was introduced by a friend to the writings of Vassula "True Life in God". It had changed my life forever. Before I considered myself a `good' Catholic - and have always felt close to Our Mother. But I have never known really Jesus. When I opened that `first' time Volume I and read just one message, I instantly fell in love with Him. It was the greatest gift I've ever received (and I have two very lovely daughters). Since that `first' time I try to go to monthly confessions and to Mass as often as my health allows it. I now hunger for the Eucharist! and I know no fear.
(R. M., January, 1996)

I wish I could tell of miracles or tested healings, but there are not any to report. I can only tell you of a child of the Almighty hearing her Eternal Father's call for His broken family to be reunited, and recognizing the tender touch of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
(C. O., USA, January, 1996)

I recognize this message as a reminder of the Holy Spirit of His wonderful Word, the Bible, the Gospel of Life. There is nothing new here just a reminder of the old as Jesus clearly shows us the love of His Sacred Heart.
(D. P., USA, January, 1996)

I have seen Vassula three times in New York. I have heard her speak; read some of the messages; watched her on tape; and prayed the same prayers that Jesus and she prayed together. Since I have heard her messages, I have prayed daily for church unity. I will continue to do so.
A. R., USA, January, 1996

If I were the devil I'd certainly want to shut her up… In my opinion the concept of the Trinity is explained in Vassula's messages better than anywhere I've seen. It could be that the explanation is coming from God Himself…I've read all that Vassula has written and had published of her notebooks. I believe with Fr. Laurentin and millions of others that she is authentic…Where else could these writings come from but a supernatural source? And who else but God could write like that? The writings are similar to those of the recognized medieval mystics, and more recently of Sister Faustina Kowalska and Sister Josefa Menendez.
(J. S., USA, January 1996)

[From a prisoner] I have found true Peace; Love reading TLIG; and have shared it with others and know that it has touched their hearts as well. My sister tried to get me to read one of those books. …then I got arrested…the wheels of justice turns real slow in TX. She finally got you to send me Volume 1. At first I was weary-until I decided to really sit down and read it. I've always believed in the Spirit of God, but had a problem praying to Jesus (a man). But after I started reading I felt the love and the pain Jesus is going thru. He talks with such feeling that it made me love him. And feel guilty for not trusting and loving him earlier..... After I read the books I let other guys read them, and you could actually see the change in a person that really opens up their heart and mind to God-Lord Jesus and his sweet Mother Mary. May the Lord Jesus bless the World that we all live in and have mercy on those whose ear and eyes are closed.
(G. S., Fort Worth, TX. USA, January 1996)

I count the good fortune of encountering the writings of Vassula Ryden as being one of those most precious and auspicious occasions where the Holy Spirit led me to a greater love and gratitude to the Lord for his loving mercy. I felt most close to him primarily through the writings of Vassula. While on retreat I had lent the book to a young Cistercian monk who later was to tell me that it came at a period of his own "dryness" spiritually. This book quenched his long thirst for the sense of felt-love by the Almighty which the writings most definitely convey. In short I can honestly and graciously say that True Life in God acted as a major catalyst to become the devout Catholic that I am today. In addition, I have always admired Fr. O'Carroll and Fr. Laurentin whose theological and spiritual credentials are impeccable. I would find it very hard to believe that the evil one would be able to deceive these two holy men of God by perpetrating a hoax through Vassula.
(J. P. S., PhD, USA, January, 1996)

I cannot say whether or not "True Life in God" alone changed my life but I must tell you that nothing has ever made me feel the love of God for me and the rest of the world as much as these writings. I could not put them down, it was like praying, listening to Human speech to me and feeling loved. It has helped me see the world through the eyes of God.
(D. S., January, 1996)

When I read each page of True Life in God, I sensed God was personally writing to me. There is no human being who could compose all these thoughts. His messages are filled with His Love for all of us. God exists; His messages are alive!!! God is Holy thrice; His messages are holy. God brings His Holy messages and prayers from His Heavenly throne to reach and touch the interior of our souls with His Divine Wisdom and Truth. These messages have indeed inspired and revived my soul!!!!
These Holy messages have also taught me the following; how much God truly loves each and every one of us; how to pray, i.e. with a lit holy candle; new beautiful prayers composed in heaven by Jesus and Mary; how much He still suffers due to our sinfulness and our indifferences; that we keep to the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church; that we must always be alert and not asleep; never fear; always keep focused on Him and His Love; enlightened me to the meanings of the Holy Scriptures and how they relate to life today. We must be firmly rooted in our Church doctrines and take refuge in His Beloved Sacred Heart and in the Immaculate Heart of His Beloved Mother Mary.
(R. M. S., USA, January, 1996)

As for myself, there is not much I can say except the unforgettable and powerful grace of conversion and repentance I have experienced from the reading of TLIG. Could I…put aside the books and forget the miracle our Lord accomplished for me through Vassula's writings. I cannot do this now and I pray to remain faithful to our Lord's grace till the end of my days on this troubled earth.
(Alma, Canada, February 1996)

I had never been one to pray for things for myself, somehow I thought that was selfish. But during this extraordinary time with Vassula, Father O'Carroll, Father Rupcic, and so many others, I felt an overwhelming urge to turn all my pain of arthritis over to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the healing service. Gianna from Scottsdale was leading the prayers, when I truly poured out my heart and gave my pain to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I had no doubt. I knew that is what He wanted of me as I prayed "Jesus, I trust in You." I didn't give it much more thought, until I realized a couple of days later I was moving with ease. It was a very gradual, almost subtle, healing. I didn't fully realize what had happened until a couple of months later. It struck me that I had no arthritic pain, and to this day, I continue to enjoy a life without the pain of arthritis or restriction of movement.
(E. J. G., USA, February, 1996)

I can only say that her (Vassula's) talks and especially the messages of "True Life in God' have strengthened my faith in Jesus immensely. There is an awareness and a presence of Jesus in my life that was not there before. This close walk with Jesus has given me great strength especially while taking care of my mother serious ill for about three years. Through this I have felt Jesus on my side, always encouraging, strengthening me, giving me peace, never give up. I would not have been able to cope with it all if I had not had this experience of Jesus and his messages. Now that my mother has gone to Heaven people that have been close to me are amazed at how I have been able to deal with everything. Jesus and his messages in "True Life in God" has been the answer.
(C. De N., USA, February, 1996)

I want to voice the "good fruit" I have found in Vassula's writings. Speaking for myself and those I have passed these messages on to, no one has had a negative effect. All genuine conversions, deeper appreciation of the sacraments-especially the Eucharist, and change their lives which had been world and self-centered to be Christ-centered. I go to daily Mass, monthly Confession, daily rosary and increase of love of the Eucharist and the Blessed Trinity. I hear in these messages the Loving & Merciful Voice of God. The deepest part of my being "recognized His voice" speaking to my soul with such love that I was drawn into a closer relationship with Him.
(C. P., USA, February 1996)

I feel I have really grown spiritually and know many others who have since they read her messages from Jesus. By your fruits you will know them and she is bearing much good fruit.
(S. E. P., USA, February 1996)

I have found that "True Life in God" has brought me an understanding of the LOVE that CHRIST has for us and has brought me so close to `integration' ... As I read the messages, I truly felt Jesus talking directly to me ... It was a delight to read what Vassula responded because it would have been the same questions and doubt that I would have questioned ... I felt at home with the readings ... AT HOME ... meaning connected with my love for Jesus and BEING A CHRISTIAN ...
(S. S., USA, February, 1996)

I have read all of Vassula's books and loved every one of them. I am closer to Jesus and Mary far more than I have ever been, it is a wonderful work that should be spread as far as is possible to the ends of the earth.
(M. S., New Zealand, February 1996)

I have read Vassula's books for several years. They have given me tremendous insight into the awesome love and mercy and justice that God has for each one of us.
(S. S., USA, February 1996)

I turned to look at Vassula, but the face I saw was not hers. It was the face of Jesus, looking straight at me. His hair and face and eyes had the same coloring as Vassula's and the same shape, but he had effaced her completely. It was as though he was borrowing her countenance. His face was full of a radiant brightness. He was looking right into my eyes with a look of great tenderness and love - and ENJOYMENT.
(P. B., USA, March 1996)

The messages have had a profound effect on my life, bringing many fruits into my life. I have received the signs that are mentioned in the books - the scents of incense and roses which lasted a couple of years. That is the outward sign. I now have a much better idea of God's great love for us and indeed have felt it which has changed my life. My life is now in conversion - slow, but moving in the right direction instead of the path I was once on for a long time. (Not a good path). I understand sacred Scripture better now and also Church unity and the different movements, sects that are arising in these end times and see how important it is to remain steadfast in my faith. Also the importance of God's actual presence in the Eucharist. I also have a better understanding of the 10 Commandments and what God calls us all to do (not to sin but to grow in holiness). I am also using forgiveness as a tool instead of harbouring so many resentments, although I have a way to go yet. There have been many positive changes in my personal life. ... Basically in short it has told me and taught me the truth so that I should not become misled by the many things happening in the world today which could destroy oneself.
(R. B., March, 1996)

I never read or prayed over any other book which gave me a greater desire to serve God. I took up her book [and] I couldn't leave it down, & at other times I would read very little & it made such an impression on me that I would cry and feel such sorrow for my sins and the sins of the whole world & to know that Jesus suffered so much for us. It helped me to pray with more fervor.
(S.I. B., USA, March 1996)

After reading Volume One, I went to confession after a long absence-and while there, asked the priest if he had ever heard of Vassula and the messages she was receiving from Jesus. While I knew God loved me, I had never realized just how much until I read this book. The relationship between God and each and every soul is extremely PERSONAL and BEAUTIFUL, and this is the reason why I'm here on my knees today!" He then gave me absolution and I left.
(G. B., USA, March 1996)

I love and respect my Catholic Faith and I have no problem in feeling unfaithful by reading TLIG. Truly God is Love.
(E. K., USA, March 1996)

I can only tell that, since reading her books and watching her videos, my life will never be the same.
(E. L., USA, March 1996)

I'm a brand new person. My life is transformed and I know Jesus is God. He is alive and Real & I'm the happiest person on the earth-all because of Vassula's Jesus and I believe every word of it. So I am eagerly looking forward to the promised kit for Prison Ministry and am eager for this new work all for love of Jesus-His name is on my lips from the time I wake till I go to sleep and this sustains me.
(D. M., India, March 1996)

I don't believe a human being is capable of making up those words spoken (written) in TLIG. The words make me love Jesus so much that they certainly wouldn't have come from Satan. We'd be defeating his purpose.
(D. P., Canada, March 1996)

Before I ever heard of Vassula's face changing to Jesus' face, I was watching Video 6, Prisoners, Los Angeles, when about half-way through she sure looks different: turned completely like Jesus. My wife doesn't believe in it and she admitted she saw Jesus' face too. It made me believe all the more.
(B. R., USA, March 1996)

Since I started reading Vassula, I am a changed person physically and spiritually. I can only think, speak and act for Jesus Christ. Prior to this I was a very sinful person. The Spirit who talks to me through scriptures and the readings of the saints has opened my heart to the Truth. I like to think that I am a devout Roman Catholic now.
(E. R., Western Australia, March 1996)

My life has changed forever by reading and praying with Vassula.
(J. S., USA, March 1996)

Through the Message, Lord Jesus taught me so much and still does. He opened my heart and increased my love, faith, hope and trust. I've "fallen in love with Him." I adore Him, and I thank Him for all His Messages and Providential Works. Praised be His Name forever and ever!
(K. T., USA, March 1996)

I first learned of the messages in 1992. I began to repent of my sinfulness, but it took me four more years before I could fully live the messages. I had gotten so entangled in my sins it was that difficult to stop what I was doing wrong. I have experienced the love of God Our Father in a very personal way.
(Unsigned, USA, March 1996)

I prayed to the Heavenly Father for a deeper, personal relationship with Lord Jesus Christ. This prayer has been answered in "True Life in God". This relationship gives me inner peace and soul joy. Jesus Christ through Vassula has provided me great inspiration. The writings in "True Life in God" are reflected upon in my meditation. I am in deep gratitude to God for His great Compassion and Supreme Love in providing me a deeper more personal relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.
(W. W., March, 1996)

All I know is that ever since reading Vol. 1, my love for God has deepened. I was made aware that His love for us is truly unfathomable and He indeed loves us to folly. There were many other things I learned, but I can definitely say reading these messages via Vassula was truly God's blessing on my spiritual life.
(D. W., USA, March 1996)

It is interesting to see how man's will and his pride of knowledge affect the course of events and then how God steps in and inspires others to proclaim His truths. The evil one does not believe in God's mercy nor can he express the great love that comes through God's work in Vassula's writings. … We just have to wait on God's timing.
(G. W., USA, March 1996)

Meanwhile, both my husband and I started receiving innumerable and unbelievable graces from Our Lord, to the effect that my husband-who is a greater skeptic than I am, …having lost all notion of any religion, found absolutely no objection whatsoever when I asked if I could promote the books during this year's Trade Fair. He also started to believe…that they are from Jesus, due to the graces we were receiving! We both feel these messages of Our Lord should reach each and every person in these Islands. Last October we asked about translating the books into Maltese in order to reach the older generation which do not always speak English.
(M. B., Malta, April 1996)

My daughter who never went to Church and did many other things too, had a complete change in her life-style after watching the videos and reading the book. She just became a Catholic last month and so did her husband who never went near a church. It changed their lives completely.
(G. G., USA, May 1996)

Vassula's writings spoke to my heart. The very first time I read notebook #1 and it has not stopped. I have learned to much and continue to learn from them. God's message through Vassula are of timeless value to us.
(M. S., USA, May 1996)

After hearing the first tape in which you appeared and then I purchased books at St. John's University, believe me my life changed. I started praying the Rosary every day & going to confession every month. My life is very much wrapped up in the Lord and the Vassula messages.
(A. W., USA, May 1996)

Not until I had the grace of beginning TLIG was I ever able to even consider the possibility that God loves even me. I knew He loves everybody else, but not necessarily me. On November 8, 1993, I broke my back at work and have been unable to work or had a day without pain since then. The injury was a Gift, which gave me more time to read the Messages and become more united with Him in daily conversation-"let us…you and I together…we, us…" ...... Without the Messages, I would not be able to see these medical conditions as His Gift of Love to me, and I would be unable to handle them.
(V. L., USA, June 1996)

After Mass and her talk, which I had missed because I was breast-feeding my little six-month old Downs Syndrome baby, Vassula entered the room I was staying behind the church. Here she spoke to my friend, J.B. and myself for about 10-15 minutes. J. spoke of all her sufferings. Vassula's face changed completely. She looked bruised and swelling appeared on her face. She looked like an 80 year old. … After this talk with Vassula, my friend finally accepted her sufferings and felt peaceful and admitted that a boulder had been taken from her shoulders..... As a scientist who used to ridicule the rosary, as boring, and of no merit, please pray for me and my family and take this testimony in defense of Vassula Ryden.
(V.S., Australia, June 1996).

Whilst we were watching the tape for the first time I was seized with a conviction that this was true. We watched the tape several times, got the books and urged others to do likewise. The books by Vassula were devoured by most of my family. I found that I could not do this. I read it slowly at a rate of 1-3 entries per day. In the early part of the 1st books I was still uneasy (mainly with the intimacy) but by the time I had got three quarters of the way through I was convinced. I have experienced a growing conversion as a result. We now attend Mass on every occasion possible, at least twice a week. The nearest church is 14 kilometres away. I now realize the deplorable state of the world and society - I previously felt it was uncomfortable but what could you expect?
(Mr B., UK, July 1996)

Watching Vassula during her talk, she seemed to disappear and in her place came Our Blessed Lady, Young and serene, looking so beautiful in a short white veil. She only seemed to stay for about 5 minutes, I didn't want Her to leave us. My daughter attracted my attention, she could see the Divine Merciful Jesus as He appeared to Sr Faustine. She and I were looking at Our Divine Saviour. He was suffering, and sorrowful, and was looking at all the people packed into the church. His beautiful dark eyes were filled with the most tender loving look that I have ever seen. He stayed twice as long as Our Blessed Lady, I just couldn't take my eyes from Him. I couldn't talk about this on the return journey, my thoughts were completely full of Our Blessed Saviour, and how He loves us all, and how a lot of people don't even know Him.
(M.G. UK, July 1996)

After an injury to my back some years go I have regularly suffered back pain and, in more recent year, sciatica. These have, of course, given me much pain and discomfort. Early this January I was reading one evening and meditating on one of Vassula's books True Life in God and also holding one of the pictures that are on the front covers of all these books. I suddenly realised that my pain was subsiding considerably. Usually the winter cold aggravates the condition and the pain does not go until the weather becomes much warmer. Next day the rest of the pain in my back and the sciatica had disappeared altogether. It has not returned despite snow and the cold weather and also a fall which would normally have put me in bed for several day. At the time of writing I continue to be free of pain having suffered no further problems.
(A. L., UK, July 1996)

While I was reading the book there was a strong fragrance which seemed to be coming from the book. Some time later after returning to London (I was either given the same book or I bought it) the same smell filled the room, but this time it was stronger. This experience was to be repeated many times. I don't remember when I was told that the smell of incense indicated that Christ is present. This fragrance did indeed have the same smell as incense. Also during one of Vassula's talks, I saw the image of Christ efface Vassula's. He was covered in blood.
(Maria, UK, July 1996)

Thank you, O Lord our God, for showing us Your ways, Your desires and Your love through Vassula. We have decided to continue our Bible classes using Vassula's books, videos, magazines with renewed energy. There are so many references to the Word of God that it is Bible anyway. Nothing new but expanded meaning and depth, and a sense of Presence are with the messages coming from God Himself, how much closer can we get?
(C. A M., UK, July 1996)

Sometime in June of 1994, I heard Vassula Ryden talk in South Hadley, Massachusetts U.S.A. Her talk on prayer and the Holy Spirit affected me deeply, igniting within me a deeper thirst for God and the need of more prayer within my daily life. My mother and my sister accompanied me to Vassula Ryden's talk, and all three of us were struck by her humility ad peaceful demeanour. During her talk, I became aware that I was no longer seeing Vassula Ryden, but a bearded man with long brown hair and golden highlights standing in her place. Blinking, rubbing my eyes, and looking away and then back again did not change what I saw: a very real looking "solid" man. Nothing like this has every happened to me before or since. I do believe that the "man" I saw was Our Lord Jesus Christ. . . . While pondering this going home, I mentioned to my mother and sister that either I saw Jesus Christ or I was losing my mind! The astonishment in the car was great when my sister and mother simultaneously exclaimed that they too had seen a bearded man in Vassula's place.
(H. K. P., USA, July 1996)

Then in April 1994 a friend lent me a video tape of Vassula Ryden giving a talk and her first compiled volumes of True Life in God. I experienced a conversion. One by one my family read the books (my three daughters are married - one husband converted to Catholicism last year and the other two are starting their instructions) and believed, too. We have become fervent in our faith, attending daily Mass whenever possible, confessing monthly (most of us), saying the Rosary daily. Four of us have joined the Blue Army and we all have experienced Christ's Presence in our daily lives and the peace and happiness this brings.
(Peta, South Africa, July 1996)

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