All these testimonies of laity are extracts from the originals.

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I was looking in the Catholic Apparitions of Jesus and Mary site, and was scrolling to find some Greek or Russian name among the apparitions to reconfort (reconvert) myself (I know this drive for searching God is not very Holy, but God takes us from where we are). And there I clicked on Vassula name which looked to me Greek enough. From this point on I realized how ignorant I was of the tenderness and love of God for all of us, and how united we are in his heart. We are ONE. I was so thrilled and so filled with joy and happiness that I was healed from my complexes, and all I want now is to work for the unity of the Church.
(M. S., L., October 1999)

After I read True Life in God, I felt I spoke to God directly and felt united with the Light of God. And there was this wish for conversion inside of me.
(Mrs. S., Indonesia, October 1999)

TLIG messages have been sanctifying for me and for many of my friends. The greatest revelation has been the tenderness of our Heavenly Father and now my prayers and my approach to Him are quite different, with much more confidence and love, but also with respect, as He teaches us through our dear Vassula. The Holy Trinity is more comprehensive now and my devotion to the Three Divine Persons is much greater. Vassula's meekness is something that all of us should learn and practice.
(E. P., Chile, October 1999)

When reading the books, it confirmed what the Spirit had let me perceive and understand about the prophet Daniel, about the Apostasy, and so on. I have been reading the books since 1994 and when reading those books have received healing in body, mind and soul.
(H. P. H., Canada, October 1999)

I grew up in the Roman Catholic faith and continue to participate in the Orthodox Church traditions on many occasions during the course of the year. The effects/affects of these True Life in God messages are by many, that if would take a book for me to write! What I've gained personally, is my re-found intimacy I had with Jesus when I was a little girl and now, as this intimacy matures with time given to study my Bible, learn from the True Life in God messages and read the writings of the saints in both Eastern and Western Catholic Churches; my child-like faith has been 'Fortressed' because of Jesus and Mary's great love for me - their child.
(P. P., USA, October 1999)

I was introduced to Vassula and the TLIG message by my brother who was just converted (now studying to be a priest) back in around 1992. From the very first page to [the end] I have been drawn into God's Holy Hymn. As with Vassula I have been suckled like a nursling on the words of love in TLIG. What a magnificent work! The way God takes one by the hand and slowly yet steadily leads them to the center of His being is breathtaking. Oh how I've intimately grown to love God, yes thrice holy, and so tangible and intangible all at the same time. I am so grateful to have been chosen to experience God through his messenger Vassula.
(K.P., USA, October 1999)

For almost two years, as a direct result of reading True Life in God, I felt as if I were experiencing a kind of honeymoon experience with the Lord. Everything I was reading about our Lord, our Blessed Mother, the Saints, etc. becoming "brighter" because of His messages to Vassula - and to me! I began giving up television programs that I had usually watched ("Star Trek," for example) so I would have time to read the messages and pray more. In fact, the messages often sent me to my knees - in deeply grateful love for what He did and continues to do out of His Love for us all - and for me. My prayer became much more personal, simple, intimate, tender in a way I would never have even thought of before. I began to desire to share the graces I was receiving - of experiencing the sweetness in my heart by being so deeply touched - with others. I wanted to comply with our Lord and Lady's request for fasting and more prayer. It seems incredible to me, even now, but before TLIG I really did not truly realize how much, how passionately Jesus wants my love!
(C. H. C., USA, September 1999)

Since I read first book TRUE LIFE IN GOOD my faith in God grow much stronger because I recognise Gods writing in the book. I am very grateful to God, that He allow me to see and read all books ( last book 6). God is very good to me and my family. I can never be grateful enough.
(M. C., Australia, September 1999)

The process had started. I began attending Mass 40 miles away (that is the closest Catholic Church here in the Bible Belt), made my confession, received Communion and began to see things in a whole new way. I could say I actually longed to receive the sacraments. I began thinking how I could get to Mass more often, to Holy Hours, etc. I found that I had found "Home" again. I told my priest that it was as if I returned to the place I began but was seeing it for the first time. It was as if the old thoughts of the church had been washed clean and a new spirit of joy and clarity was present. I began to read the messages and these vitalized me.
(L. D., USA, September 1999)

Soon after, I joined a TLIG prayer group, where resting in the Spirit became a regular experience. Then, in April of this year (1999), I went with a group of sixteen members of TLIG on a pilgrimage to Garabandal. The day after arrival, we had a healing service conducted by two priests dedicated to promoting the message of TLIG (Fr James Fannan and Fr Tony Sullivan). After this service I felt well again for the first time in years. I was relieved of all my medical problems that day.
(P. D., Ireland, September 1999)

During a visit by Ewa Allan to Newcastle on Tyne (26 June 1999) in which Ewa showed a video of Vassula (Vassula in Cardiff 1997) and led a discussion afterwards, I was privileged to witness the wonderful phenomena of the Holy Face of Jesus 'eclipsing' the face of Vassula as the video progressed. Her hair remained the same but inside the frame formed by her hair, her features just changed to that of Jesus. It was identical to that of the Turin Shroud, but alive and active while delivering His holy words. The Face of Jesus tended to be in black and white - clear and bold and natural in every respect. It was truly wonderful seeing Him and feeling His holy Presence, confirming the Heavenly source of True Life in God. The phenomena lasted throughout the whole video.
(R. D., UK, September 1999)

Last winter, as I was surfing the net, I found Vassula's site (it was the Holy Spirit who led me there). After I read the first notebook, I new this was a gift from God. I printed the messages and showed them to Pascal (my fiancé). The messages made me understand the Holy Trinity, made me understand the cross I'm carying, how merciful is our Lord. God gave me fate, and I know now, thanks to True Life in God, that fate is a grace from Him. When I look around me and I see all these people that are refusing Him, my heart is filled with sadness, now more than ever and I pray for their conversion everyday. I now understand the sacraments. You see before, I did not accept to tell my sins to a priest, I preferred to tell my sins directly to God. Whereas now, I understand why we should and must confess our sins to a priest and at the same time I understand humility… When I go to confession, I really feel that Jesus is there!
(M. J. D., Canada, September 1999)

I can't say that Vassula's books have converted me. I can say that I have found them to have been truly illuminating as to God's work in these times and in explining the times in which we live. I have never had any doubt about the truth of Vassula's writings and have found them inspiring and something that I am always glad to receive.
(D. E., Victoria, Australia, September 1999)

When I started reading it I could hardly put it down. It seemed like Jesus and Mary were actually speaking to me and I felt their love for us so strongly, which greatly uplifted me. I have been close to the Blessed Trinity as a child in school so reading this book brought me even closer to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As to Mary, I have been close to her ever since I can remember. My mother must have promoted this even before I started first grade. The messages have shown me how much Jesus suffers through sin and how sad He is that His own representatives (clergy and religious) have turned away and are misguiding their congregations. My relationship with God has improved through these messages.
(R. F., USA, September 1999)

The messages brought me to a closeness of the Eucharist. It is not just a symbol in which I have had many struggles with and still learning more. Vassula's messages have shown us what a one to one closeness is to Jesus and how we can come to Him with all our cares and concerns no matter how great or small.
(A. J. F., USA, September 1999)

My wife and me struggle always on having our daily rosary. Then one day our friend, Joan Daengsvang, suggested that since she live near our place to join us to pray the rosary together. She then one day came to our place and suggested praying the rosary using the True Life in God prayer format. Now not only the three of us are praying the rosary together but also some of our friends who live near by join us to pray the rosary together and listen and share God's word and His messages. In less than two months our group increases up to 8 regular members that prays the rosary every Friday of the week. Most especially we always have and active participation of sharing God's word through our insight and experiences. Furthermore, my wife and myself including our 6 years old son pray the rosary together daily and regularly.
(C. Q., Bangkok, Thailand, October 1999)

One day my dad, a beautiful man, gave me the Angel Daniel book. He had found it at a little used thrift store and read it, and consequently purchased all of the other books. I took it to work one day and read the whole book before lunch time. I had never really read a religious book for pleasure, but I loved it. After I read the book, I kissed it. Then I went driving to get a bite to eat. As I was driving, I was telling Jesus in my head, "Gee, thanks Lord, for your beautiful words". I felt so happy and loved. Then, all of a sudden, sparks flew, flashes of light shot out of my car radio, and sounds similar to that of crackling lightening were emitted. I was startled and I flinched with fright at what was happening with my car radio. Then all of a sudden, I heard the following lyrics come from my radio: "In the arms of the angel, you will find some comfort here". At that instant I bursted into tears and could not stop shaking.
(G. B. R., USA, October 1999)

True Life in God has made Jesus alive in my life as a faithful friend and companion. He shows his love in a most irresistable way that I can't help but love him back even if I now realize how unworthy I am.
(J. B. R., Philippines, October 1999)

We read many books and watched several videos about Marian apparitions around the world. But it wasn't until we started reading TLIG when we truly learned about God's personal and infinite love for us. Reading and contemplating TLIG was one of God's graces that changed our lives forever. Every day we try to remember that the God who loves us ``to folly'' is near us, that He wants to be present in our daily lives, that He calls us to live our life as He wants, that He sends on us all graces after graces. As a result of reading TLIG we have learned to pray not only the ``standard'' daily prayers but also to talk to the Three Persons of God during the day, to ask him to bless what we do and to be always with us.
(A. L. R., England, October 1999

Staying in one corner of the YMCA room, listening to Vassula answer questions asked by a bishop, priests, a journalist, etc., tears rolled down my face when she said that Jesus assured her that He will send people to her and she would go to them to disseminate His messages. Being one of the organizers, I thanked God for making me one of those who made Vassula's visit to Bangkok possible. At this instance, Vassula turned to me smiling but it changed to a smiling face of Jesus. Since that time, March 1998, with my simultaneous reading of the Bile and True Life in God, I find myself converted daily, exerting more effort to live the ways of the Lord more fully especially in my relationship with God and with others.
(J. B. R., Bangkok, Thailand, October 1999)

I was particularly blessed to see that as we read the messages we could insert our own names thus personalizing the Messages and for a long time thereafter and more recently again I heard I Am reverberate in my heart! There has been since then a continuous revelation in my life of what this Precious Name means. It has brought new awakening, new awareness. When there was some question regarding the Messages I sadly set them aside and was overjoyed by the announcement once again of their acceptance. Recently, within the past few months I have felt a deep hunger to hear the voice of Jesus through His vessel. When Vassula spoke in Winnipeg I saw the face of Jesus replace hers. At that time I was unaware that this was taking place elsewhere. As I write this I am aware of the deep spiritual groaning within my soul which has been stirred by the cries of Jesus over His divided family.
(L. R., Canada, September, October 1999)

While sitting listening to Vassula being interviewed by a Philippino TV crew I was more than surprised to find myself deeply moved by her story - I who had not even wanted to accompany a friend to visit her, such was my scepticism. As she spoke I realised that God truly was communicating with her - her calm, serene yet down to earth manner was striking. At this time I was living a life where God or the Church had no place....... through meeting Vassula a whole new spiritual world was opened up to me and I felt a real need to change my lifestyle. I then began to read the messages for the first time and this confirmed my conviction that these messages are from God. Meeting Vassula and reading the messages she receives brought me back to the sacraments after many many years. Now nine years later I am still learning from these messages that strongly support my faith and that led me to read and to understand the Bible for the first time.
(A. S., Israel, October 1999)

For the next month I walked through life with a heightened sense of Our Lord's presence in all people and in the Mass. I would find myself tearing up in a crowd of strangers as I realized my Father's presence in them. I wasn't attending Mass regularly before this conversion but now found myself drawn to weekday Masses. As soon as morning Mass ended, I longed for the next day when I could again meet The Lord in Mass. I attended confession for the first time in years and increased my daily prayer time and journaling to the Lord. I also experienced Our Father's incredible peace. Nothing could bother or upset me during this month. I even had a co-worker comment to me on my behavior. I smiled at his observation for The LordUs Ways truly are
mysterious and incredible.
(M. S., USA, October 1999)

Before I knew these messages, I only went to church at funerals and marriages. Praying, I only did now and then. After I read an article in a Dutch newspaper, I bought the books about "True Life in God". Due to this I started to go to church more often. I also prayed more than before. Now, since a year I go to church every week. I pray every day as much as possible. Through these messages I learned to know God as a friend, who's always ready for me. Somebody, whom I can talk, laughs and cries with. I got to know Him as a real person, somebody who's really close to me. When I used to read the Bible, I thought it was history only, but now I believe he's really there. Now I want to pass the messages on to other people too."
(D. S., The Netherlands, October 1999)

In Heiloo, in the chapel of blessings of Our Mother Mary I met someone who asked me for a meeting to pray together every Tuesday. There I acquainted with "True Life in God". Every book is in my possession and I read it over and over. It has brought me so close to God, so near to our Father. I have a photo on the wall of our Father with a light day and night. After a discussion not to believe everything, there came a moment of doubt shortly and what happened next Tuesday? We were singing a song of Love of God. I saw the picture of our Father, who vanished (His Face) in the face of Jesus, who vanished in the Holy Face of the Shroud (Lijkwade) the image of Jesus on every book of "T.L.I.G." Thank God!!!"
(H. S., Holland, October 1999)

After I read True Life in God book, I found the light of certainty, as follows: - That The Holy Trinity is One.
- Jesus has revealed Himself with so many Names for us to be intimate with in this modern world. - That Every human is personally called to be holy, irrespective of weakness, helplessness, and sin. - That Jesus Christ is the Church and the Head of the Church.
(A. S., Indonesia, October 1999)

I was really surprised after I read True Life in God. I found that God is beautiful, God is love. And I could feel that God spoke to me directly. God's Love is very deep. Without God I am nothing, but in God, I can do things according to God's will not have done before.
(Mrs. T., Indonesia, October 1999)

It started when Vassula came to the Netherlands at 's Hertogenbosch. Her humble way of speaking, her emanation and certainly her love touched me deeply. After her speech, that I could listen for hours, she layed her hands and prayed on people. I closed my eyes, opened my hands to receive and silently I said: "Come o Holy Spirit, light up my heart, light up my spirit and light up my whole being". I consstantly said these words until Vassula was near me. When she touched me I fell in the Spirit. I didn't have any longer a feeling being on earth, niether did I have any notice of time or hour. At that moment I felt that God went away from me. I became very anxious and very sad. I shouted very loud:"No, no my God, please don't leave me, please come back" All this happenned inside me. After repeating 3 times the same thing, I saw light. It was a tiangle with the point above. Through that point a lot of light shined down. Tears rolled over my cheeks. They were tears of joy. When I came back from this experience I certainly knew that God is all light, I experienced with lighted eyes.
(A. U., The Netherlands, October 1999)

Reading the messages of True Life in God my life and conversion changed most profoundly. If I may add that I fell in love with the Catholic Church and all it represented to the Christian world. My faith has deepened to levels I did not believe was possible. Especially my love for the Blessed Trinity and Our Lady.
(M. V., South Africa, October 1999)

After I read True Life in God, I have a spirit to pray. And I started to understand the contents of the Bible and know clearly God's Will for me.
(Mrs. V., Indonesia, October 1999)

Ayako was suddenly struck by the words she read in the TLIG messages, where Jesus said, "Are you not able to constantly feel this great love I have for you?" and also "I am wealthy, but very few know My Riches!". This occurred as her eyes were absorbed by the fiery maples of the Yatsugatake mountains. Next year her husband, whom she loved deeply, died. Later she found herself having gone through this period of trial with tranquility and peace, supported by reading the messages.
(A. Y., Japan, October 1999)

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