All these testimonies of laity are extracts from the originals.

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The messages provide a medium in which God communicates with us in plain language instead of metaphors. Through the medium of the messages biblical teachings are explained in common language so that they can be understood. While reading the messages there are many times I find God speaking directly to me, and talking to me personally, and I strongly suspect that many peolple experience this. TLIG is a great gift from God.
(T. G., USA, August 1999)

I was wealthy and successful and distant from God, until one fatal day when my whole life was transformed after randomly listening to True Life in God audio cassette #6. I had a habit of changing the radio station or any television program that had to do with religious topics or preaching. However, when I was listening to this particular cassette, something unusual and supernatural happened to me. I was unable to turn it off, and what's more, I experienced something I had never experienced before. Every word coming from the cassette was touching my soul and my mind, and stirring my whole being. I was unable to control my emotions and tears were streaming down my cheeks. I was sobbing yet happy at the same time; I felt peaceful and wonderfully soothed because I realized that I had found the treasure I had been looking for al my life which was God's unfaltering love for sinners like me.
(A. S. G., USA, August 1999)

The gift of these messages has brought my faith from a level of belief to a new concrete reality of God's presence with and amongst us. Although we see Him through a veil, He has somehow made the veil thinner. As He approaches us in great love and mercy, we can now see the very outline of His face behind the veil. What a awesome love He has bestowed on us. Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for this great gift of LOVE. Thank you for this blessed servant Vassula, who goes before us, and has suffered and endured much so that we may receive these spiritual gifts.
(G. H, USA, August 1999)

Although the only exposure to TLIG that I have is through what has been available online (audio/web site), I have been afforded a viewpoint that I have never had...... The messages indicate that active, conversant, vibrant person(s) exist instead of the mostly remote, non-communicating, nebulous beings that I have often envisioned over the years. What has been strange and unreal seems to be becoming real. I feel different.
(R. J. H., Hawaii, August 1999)

True Life in God changed my heart. I thought Jesus was sitting on His throne waiting for Judgement Day ..., but with this Love Hymn, I now know how He is still suffering for me and all the "me's" of the world. How His church is being torn apart with much confusion. When I read His description of His passion, I knew that this message was from God, because satan wouldn't want us to know how much Jesus suffered for us in His Passion. When I first saw Vassula at Notre Dame in 1992, I had the privilege of witnessing Jesus efface her. Her face became His ... I hardly could believe what I saw that wonderful day.
(J. L. H., USA, August 1999)

Always God was with me. When I was a child, God was my friend. God care me since I was a teenager. God gave me the most marvelous spiritual experiences, and I was working for him, praying and talking, without rest. Saint Benedictine was (is) my spiritual godfather. But I forget all this; eight years ago, I left my way... But now, thanks to TLIG, I am remembering my way. Thanks God by this. Always God was behind me, but I didn't see him. Thanks God, thanks.
(J. B. H., Venezuela, August 1999)

I was visiting England, and through a friend I met a Cistercian priest . As I left him on the evening I had met him, he handed me a plastic bag and he said: "I'm lending you an 'Anti-bordom Bag' you might find it useful." That night I investigated the contents of the bag; there was a small walkman recorder and a taped talk of Vassula Ryden, who I had never heard of and felt I really wasn't in the mood for listening to a taped talk by anyone. I climbed into bed and felt a very powerful need to play the taped talk by this woman I had never heard of. I remember putting on the ear-phones and her voice was so different to anything I had heard, it took my whole attention. I heard every word of her talk and I got out of bed and prayed for the rest of the night.
(C. M. K., Australia, August 1999)

I feel that I owe this close and personal relationship with each person in the Trinity to the dictations of Jesus and the Trinity to Vassula. I came to know love and honor each of them through these writings and when the enemy attacked, the messages of TLIG were the place where I found relief and solace. In my scriptural studies and studies of the lives of the Saints I have come to know the wonder, power and majesty and personal interest God takes in all His creatures--so much so as to send His only Son among us to die for our sakes.
(E. T. L, Maine, USA, August 1999)

I began reading Vassula Ryden's True Life in God in September of 1992. I was an elder in the Presbyterian Church and very active in Bible Studies. Having studied Scriptures for years, I heard Christ's voice right away. When He told Vassula that He wanted her to know, love and honor His Mother, I knew He was talking to me to know her also. So in January of '93, I started saying the Rosary every day. I developed a great love for our Blessed Mother. However, I felt I could remain Presbyterian and love her too. As we continued to read (in our Bible Study) True Life in God, I realised that Christ was really in the Eucharist (John 6). I was amazed: Finally in October of '94, I said "YES" to Jesus! After going through the RCIA program, I came into the fullness of the faith in the Catholic church at Easter of '96 at the age of 60. It was a direct result of True Life in God. I have never been so happy and peaceful in my faith as I am now. I attend daily Mass, go to confession once a month (on first Fri or Sat) and enjoy spending time with Jesus in front of the Blessed Sacrament weekly. I still say the Rosary daily and I'm very aware of Jesus with me. All this is a direct result of the things Jesus taught us about Scripture ad the Sacraments through True Life in God and Vassula Ryden.
(M. M., USA, August 1999)

I was converted back to Catholicism when I saw the videotapes of Vassula Ryden in a friend's home. It (the conversion) did not take place via the messages per se, as I only read one and a half volumes but I accepted the Holy Father the Pope and the Virgin Mary on the spot, which were the two objections I had against embracing the Catholic faith; and this upon hearing and seeing Vassula.
(M. P., USA, August 1999)

I was raised Catholic and have always practiced my faith...however, my senses were dull from unconfessed mortal sin. After reading volume one TLIG I started going to confession again after years and years of neglecting this sacrament. Since then I have been granted many graces. Mostly the FIRM conviction and joy that we live for our loving creator and our only goal is heaven. All else is rubbish. The manifest itself in how I think and live my life.
(B. S., Missouri, USA, August 1999)

I was immediately convinced by Vassula. It was not possible that anyone could write such pure, beautiful writings out of the blue. Her wretchedness, her humility and her honesty were a guarantee. Her struggle for belief, hope, faith, peace and love were moving, touching. It was the Holy Spirit. It was Jezus. It was God the Father and His Holy Daughter Mary the mother of His Son and Bride of the Holy Spirit. I began to do what Jezus asked her to do. I began to pray the prayers Jezus wants us to pray. I used the dictated 10 commandments, 12 beatifications and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in my daily life.
(W. D. S., The Netherlands, August 1999)

Practising the presence of Christ in our everyday life has long been taught by all the saints; but Vassula's personal experience of being led into this consciousness, helped us to try to behave similarly by acts of the will. Through the distribution of Vassula's personal mystical experience recorded in her 'notebooks', we now persist harder in providing time to love Our Lord as we wait for His sovereign infusion.
(D. S., Australia, August 1999)

As Vassula spoke, I felt my vision becoming a bit blurry and distorted. I felt my eyes straining to focus on Vassula's face. It is still very hard to describe. I looked away for a while and re-focused on Vassula's face. That same distorted vision persisted. I looked around at other people to change the view. I kept seeing this still face, looking at me. At that point, I had dismissed it as fatigue. We had traveled from Texas to Canada and I thought I simply needed to rest my eyes. To be honest, I had not expected to experience anything from this presentation. I simply wanted my mother to hear Vassula speak. I tried to concentrate on her presentation but I still did not understand what I had seen. After the presentation, my mother and I were speaking to a lady who had been sitting near us. She was speaking to my mother when I noticed a medal around her neck. I asked what it was. As she flipped it over, I almost fell to my knees. On her medal, I saw the exact same image I had seen as Vassula spoke. It was the face of Jesus. I wept. I sat in a corner, trembling and wept. From that point on, my life changed. It's as if my world has transformed from "black-and-white" to "color" (for the lack of a better comparison). I was taken to a deeper spiritual level.
(L. S., USA, August 1999)

These days when I pray in the morning and every time I say Our father I wish the day would come when I would be able to call him ''Abba'' like Vassula. Every time I read the feats of many Saints that are recognised by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and pray for their intercession I admire their Love for their Creator and wish that my Love for God would be like them... Every time we celebrate the feasts days of God's Angels I look up to His Honour and glorification of His Name . In appreciation of the teachings on Unity of the Church I went yesterday to a mass and a group prayer of the rosary to a Catholic Church and I feeled so humbled because by concentrating on our differences we tend to overlook what binds us... But I still feel I have a long way to go and I have no doubt the Messages would educate me in respecting his laws of Love and deliver me from sin. Praise and Glory to the Lord for introducing me to the Messages of True Life in God.
(Y. T., Ethiopia, August 1999)

Reading and trying to live the messages in TLIG is without a doubt the most important Spiritual event that has happened in my life. And this is no exaggeration. The Lord melted my heart, which lay covered in a thick layer of sin. My heart was crying out for love which the world simply could not provide. I always had a warm and loving family but my sin had resulted in me feeling isolated and cold inside. I needed the Lord's personal consolation and I needed to hear Him tell me personally that He loves me and that He will never fail me nor forsake me. I had been growing spiritually but I had never discerned or heard from the Lord in this way before.
(C. T., Australia, August 1999)

After some time however, I began to doubt their veracity - I was upset by the passionate words of love Jesus had for Vassula, I could not see they were for me as well. I also did not want to face the judgment of the ones who would not listen. I gave my books away. Lately I have felt a very strong call to return to the Lord, and I had a desire to read the messages again. I was sorry I had given the books away. When I found this web site and the messages, I began reading them again. I began looking for "errors" and told myself I would stop reading when I found them. What I found was a wonderful sense of God's LOVE and His PRESENCE - I can feel Jesus with me.
(S. U., Canada, August 1999)

I found myself identifying with Vassula. When her heart melted, so did mine. When she rejoiced so did I. When she was sorrowful for Jesus, so was I. When she describes His smile, my soul could see His smile too and my heart would melt at the thought of His smile. During the day, while I was performing my duties, my mind would reflect on Jesus' Loving Words and gradually I found my soul yearning for Him and my heart would be lifted to Him. Oh, how precious is the Love of our God! How wonderful and precious is the Love of Our Creator and what a treasure it is to possess Him in our hearts!
(R. V., Sydney, Australia, August 1999)

When I three years ago met Vassula and the messages of True Life In God for the first time I was immediately touched. I was touched because God seemed to be so close to her, so real. When she told about how God is longing to hear us talk to him, how his ear is so close to our mouth when we speak to him, when he take the word 'Dad' as a juwel in his hand - then I almost could see that in front of me. But the most wonderful of all - I realized that if God is like this to her he must be like this to me too, right now, in this moment. And I believed it !
(B. W., Sweden, August 1999)

The Love Hymn, TLIG has filled and turned my life around, through the many Graces that have been given to me from this message. I was a fallen away catholic and because of TLIG, I knew I had to return to the true church. My prayer life is most important. Daily Mass, monthly confession, receiving our Lord, adoration, praying for all souls, fasting and sacrifice for reparation of my sins and the sins of the world. My eyes have been opened to Scripture, recognizing the signs of these times in the church and world.
(R. W., USA, August 1999)

I used to go to church but I was not worried in pay attention, in participate. I got married but my husband is divorced, my grandfather advised me that I coudn't receive Eucharist, for me it wasn't important, in that moment. One day (may 1996) my sister gave me a book that a friend had given to her, it was The True Life in God (vol. III), immediately I read the first 20 pages and my mother call me: "Dani, It's 6:00 p.m, time to go to church". During the ceremony I realised that God was really there, and I cried. After this moment, I begun to think in a different way. I read all the books. I know that I can't receive the Eucharist and I suffer about this, but I know that Jesus is really in my heart, and by my side. Apparently, nothing extraordinary happened, but I'm a different person.
(D. M. Z., Brazil, August 1999)

Then I started reading the books and my life changed: my husband and I started going back to church, if possible every Sunday, and we also went to confession and received Holy Communion for the first time in many many years. We try to keep this up as much as possible, but we do lapse at times, since we are human. Meanwhile, slowly slowly, I started saying the Rosary, at times even daily, though I still find it very difficult to understand. The books have definitely changed my outlook on life.
(M. B. A., Malta, September 1999)

I came across the messages four or five years ago and since then have read all the books and attended one of her meetings. It is an extraordinarily powerful message - indeed God's love hymn to mankind - and I don't think anyone who's read the messages without preconceived ideas or seen Vassula in person can doubt her sincerity and commitment to the task entrusted to her. The messages have shown to me that Our Father may be closer to us than we think and that Jesus may hear our prayers... That He who created this infinite Universe and who sustains it with His thought may also become little and approach us His little children and allow us to call Him 'Father'.
(L. A., USA, September 1999)

I can say that as a result of reading Vassula's messages from Our Lord that my behaviour has changed. My heart has been enlarged to accept all Christians as part of the body of Christ and I feel that the Holy Spirit is more active in me than before. My faith has deepened.
(L. A. A, Nairobi, Kenya, September 1999)

My sister gave me the first book. When I saw the picture of Jesus on the front, I took it and held it to my heart and felt goose bumps all over me. I couldn't wait to get home and read it. As I read the message I felt like God and Blessed Virgin Mary were right there talking to me. My spiritual life has improved immensely and so has my prayer life. I receive many blessings and graces from God every day.
(M. A., USA, September 1999)

I have received innumerable graces and signs from the moment I started reading True Life in God messages and it would require an extremely lengthy testimony to list them all. I know that I have not deserved any single one of them but what has come to me has come through the Mercy of God. I just love God now immensely having received the grace to have a distinctive relationship with every Person of the Blessed Trinity as well as the Most Holy Mother of God, Mary. I give my will to Jesus every morning before I get up and every night before I fall to sleep.
(E. A., England, September 1999)

Through Volume 1, I discovered God as a Person, an intimate and most loving friend, who cares about the most tiny details of my life. I could not stop reading and meditating on it, for days and days. Then I read volumes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10! during the following months and years. I can say that those messages helped me, at the beginning, to gain an awareness about the state of my soul...and at the beginning of 1997, I was restored to the Grace of God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Now my life has changed completely: God is all, and must be All to me, and I find joy and peace in prayer and silence. I can no longer recognize myself, nor should I even try. The Lord is operating wonders in my life, and I deeply feel that the seed of this renewal was planted through the writings of TLIG which I still cherish.
(M. d'A., USA, September 1999)

I immediately purchased her first few volumes. I cannot put in words what I felt as I began to read - I just knew for certain that it was Our Lord speaking. He spoke directly to me through Vassula, and my heart was set on fire with love for Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. I began to know them and to understand how much love they had for me.
(L. B., Florida, USA, September 1999)

Our family read the first True Life in God about six years ago. It has brought about a dramatic family conversion. Firstly seven adults (my parents, sister and brother in law, Aunt, cousin and myself) fell deeply in love with our beloved Lord and then three men in our family converted to Catholicism. Our dearest Lord who had seemed so far away, opened the doors of our hearts and minds. All our lifestyles have changed. For myself, God has healed and changed me in many ways. Before my conversion I was a Christian in name only, now my greatest possession is my faith, and I try desperately, in every situation that life presents to do as Jesus would do.
(T. B., South Africa, September 1999)

What I really love of "True Life in God" is the intimacy, which God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit speak to us. I begin to understand now what it means to have God as Our Father . A Father who is looking after us and loves us so much and who is giving us only the best, even if we cannot see at times.
(H. B., Australia, September 1999)

Before TLIG, I knew daily prayer was helpful and my days seemed to go better, but after meeting Jesus in TLIG, I loved my prayer time. I now enjoyed spending that time talking and listening to Jesus. The scriptures became much more meaningful, therefore I read them more. Our Blessed Mother, whom, God forgive me, I had ignored for years, became a gentle loving mother, a helper, living and alive and also with me each moment of each day, and such an example of humble childhood and motherhood for me. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament came alive to me, a friend. For the past 3 years I have committed myself to one hour per week of Eucharistic Adoration. It's my favorite hour of the week.
(E. B., USA, September 1999)

I have been reading the Messages in "True Life In God" by Vassula of Jesus and Mary. My relationship to God in prayer has come to be stronger, I always had a distant way of thinking of God, but now I have a loving way of understanding my God as I've never had. In reality when He sent His only Son Jesus to die on the cross for my salvation. There was so much love and I felt a forgiveness which lifted a burden from my soul as never before. I love my God. Thru this the Trinity has become real to me, I could never do without my Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. There is such a vivid beauty I had never noticed and my spiritual life became as real as my physical. My thoughts thru-out the day always bring me to the Lord, I could never do without Jesus and His mother Mary. I did not say the rosary for twenty some years and now I meditate on the mysteries of the rosary and I really feel "They" are my family and I feel the pain in the debts of my soul of the sufferings of Jesus in the passion and mother Mary who went thru the terrible sufferings of Her only begotten Son.
(L. B., USA, September 1999)

The messages are sublime - they are so intimate & so loving that in the beginning I sometimes felt incredulous & embarrassed. How could Jesus love me so much?! The tenderness is so beautiful. Coming from a violent background, I am still awed by it. Slowly, He turned into my constant companion & my dearest Friend - as much as I would invite Him to, allow Him to. I am amazed at His respect for us, also. I think I mean that He lowers Himself, so lovingly & humbly, to be more on our level - there, He can teach us & befriend us.
(A. B., Fort Worth, USA, September 1999)

I do not know exactly when my conversion started, but what I know is that without messages which Vassula Ryden is receiving from Jesus, I would never know true Jesus and his great love for mankind. . . . When Vassula was in Croatia, early in 1995, she also came to witness in the city Split, and it had a great impact on me. After that I started to pray from my heart and believe in God's love. When I saw that even my husband become a believer, that was another proof for me that the Lord Jesus Christ, through Vassula, gave us lot of love and blessings. May the Lord by praised and glorified for ever and ever.
(Z. B., Croatia, September 1999)

My wife persuaded me to go to the Seminar to Split. ... From Vassula's seminar and in the reading of the first TLIG book passed four months. Next day I started to read before I go to sleep, but tomorrow I used every free moment to read, but the third day I fall on my knees ... I proceeded with reading all these writings till the last one which are always near me. I become a new man! I changed my life and my attitude towards everything, but God and His Commands are placed on the first place!
(O. B., Croatia, September 1999)

In July of that same year we were visiting friends in Colorado. While we were there, her father committed suicide. It devastated our friend's lives and a priest friend of the family gave her True Life in God in her great time of sorrow. In October she invited us to come again for a visit. She was very familiar with our family problems and introduced me to True Life in God. She asked me to go and sit in the quiet of her bedroom and just read the first five pages. She said it will give you peace. That day, in the quiet of a beautiful sunny room, in the mountains of Colorado, Jesus thru True Life in God spoke to my heart. He wasn't speaking to Vassula, but rather directly to me. ... From that day on, the Blessed Trinity fed me, every day, words of life and love. For the first time I felt God's love in and around me and I was filled with joy. I was alive again! No counsellors, or psychologists could ever have done for me what the Great Physician and Healer did for me.
(M.B., Canada, September 1999)

It did assist me to convert more quickly in two distinct ways. It taught me to realize that Jesus/Holy Spirit was with me constantly and to invite Him with me wherever I went. The results are always amazing when I do. It also gave me a sense of how much we are loved! Thru Jesus most profound outpouring, almost pleadings from us to return to Him - it melted my heart.
(C. B., Arizona, USA, September 1999)

The more I read, the less my addictions had influence on my life. Jesus was indeed healing me, of my desire for evil and all its pleasures, by his Words of Love and Kindness. I felt the enormous love of God for me, and all of mankind. I was on the road to true recovery which only God can provide to those who love Him and desire what He can give to each and every soulů those who ask Him for help. After reading all the books over the last seven years from Vassula, and then some of a great saint and doctor of the church, St Gertrude, the Great of Helfta also mentioned in the books, I am now spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through gifts of the books of True Life in God to acquaintances.
(J. C., USA, September 1999)

Over the past few years, I have given out so many volumes of the messages, titled True Life in God, to all sorts of people worldwide. I never cease to be surprised and touched by the heartfelt impact these messages have had and the fruits that have materialized in these people's lives. One young woman who had never even heard the `Lord's Prayer' before called me recently asking for the books and wanting to become a Catholic after hearing Vassula witness on a videotape.
(R.J.C., USA, September 1999)

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