All these testimonies of laity are extracts from the originals.

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Some minutes into Vassula's talk, I saw the Face of Jesus. I recognised the same face as the person on the image of the Shroud of Turin. I am moved again as I remember the experience. I saw the Face of what I described to my mother afterwards as "the deepest face I have ever seen in my life". I could not look away for long without returning. His Face was there on and off for the best part of the talk. Nothing I did made the Face go away. I felt a great sense of peace after the meeting and told my family all about it. I return to the memory of that day once in a while and as I recall Jesus' Face I am once again filled with a great sense of peace.
(B. R., UK, July 1996)

Thanks to those books I have found Jesus to be my most best friend, guide, father, spouse that is in me all the time.
( G., Mexico, August 1996).

A friend recently gave me several Volumes of True Life in God. I truly believe these are Our Lord's words, for they have touched me in a way that only His Word could.
(D. M., USA, August 1996)

I am enclosing the contribution for the TLIG Newsletters. My family and I continue to read and share these wonderful messages in the TLIG volumes; and to pray for conversions. These awesome messages have changed and inspired so many hearts, returning them to the Lord.
(S. M., USA, September 1996)

When for the first time I heard and saw the True Life in God book which contains the private life testimony of Vassula with Jesus and Mother Mary, I did not believe. But I tried to think objectively and not to judge. I tried to pray and beseech the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order that my thoughts heart and my will are not covered with antipathy or rejection, but to find God's Will by having those books published. After I read the True Life in God book, I found the messages of God were the same with the contents of the Bible. Gradually I started to like it and I felt so calm, peaceful and sometimes even feel sad / hurt. And there were also a motivation to continue regular introspection, conversion and try to be a good follower of Christ.
(Mrs H., Indonesia, October 1996)

Please know you (Vassula) are in my prayers every day and I thank Jesus often for the grace of having seen His beautiful face in yours as you sat in the chair where I say my prayers when you stayed at my home.
(P. B., November, 1996)

Vassula Ryden's books have inspired my mom and me to feel the presence of God more. We are full believers that the messages come from Jesus and the Virgin Mary. We are Catholics and go to church regularly.
(L. B., USA, November 1996)

I once suffered from loneliness not being married, and an old age pensioner 75 years that was before I started reading TLIG. After the 1st book I was not alone, now I'm very happy for I'm getting like Vassula, I'm talking to my Holy Family most of the day. My happiest time is at 2.45 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, when I got the smell of incense knowing that no incense has in fact been used. In the early days it was the smell of roses yet no roses were in the Church. How did I know this? You see I'm the church's Sacristan (unpaid) for a number of years, even the priest did not know why he wanted me as sacristan. At first I did not want this job, now I love it and know why daily communion is so important.
(J. D., UK., November, 1996)

A couple of weeks ago we got a new member in our Thursday Rosary prayer group. She is Swedish, but has lived in Paris for 25 years. She told me she has been an actress and photo model and lived a very worldly life. Three years ago a friend lent her a `True Life in God' volume. When reading, it was as if a sentence was lifted out of the page: `Change your life!' Since then she got a firm belief in God, left her old life, converted to Catholicism, prays 3 hours a day, also the Rosary, fasts on bread and water Wednesdays and Fridays and has come to Sweden to `give witness'.
K. W., Sweden, November, 1996

After I read the book, I knew this is the best mystical and spiritual book from so many books I have ever read before! Because of this book, I know how perfect the love of God is. He is so sensitive and Almighty, the God who really misses the response of Love from us. The book truly totally changed my opinion about the Lord and certainly about Jesus. After that I firmly and courageously admitted that Jesus is God and Savior. For me Jesus is the Lord who is really humane and at the same time a person who is really Divine. The messages of Jesus through Vassula has changed my faith to Christ. I started to follow Him. And a few months later I ever made my confession for the first time since around fifteen years ago, and with the new spirit started to participate in Mass regularly. Through Vassula, Jesus taught me that He Himself wanted the relationship and not based on needs or duties only, but based on Love. It was a lesson which to me the mystical truth, and the peak of all of my spiritual search.
(A. P. E., Indonesia, December 1996)

Because you cared to encourage her to go forward for the blessing of the Holy Cross through Vassula, Clare was drenched (cleansed) in tears for nearly 40 minutes. She just could not stop crying because of the Holy Spirit working within her. When we were driving away, Clare who is 13 said, "Mom, I'm not crying just because of my own sins (becoming intensely aware), but I'm crying because of everyone's sins in this whole world." I said, "This is a very great grace you have received.
(D. P., USA, December 1996)

I photocopied sample pages from the diary in which Vassula wrote, guided by the hand of Jesus himself. I was immediately impressed with the stately elegance, the very majesty of the handwriting, the constancy of formation of each letter throughout the pages. Just viewing the guided handwriting leaves me in awe. I can readily attest that handwriting such as is exhibited throughout Vassula's books of instruction would be humanly impossible to duplicate or imitate! Clearly a loving God, the Father, a concerned Savior, is writing to his children…
(L. S., USA, December 1996)

I first saw and obtained TLIG books, on the Feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus, on the Christian Calender in 97'. Since reading TLIG, at that time, I had a conversion as to the deepness of Gods love. Afterwards many signs have been given to me, bringing me closer to God with prayer and by choosing a holy life dedicated to Jesus and Mary. So now through Vassula's messages, I'm more consistent in saying the rosary every day. I know Jesus is real through Vassula's writings, in which they acknowledge Him the Lord.
(M. B., Australia, 1997)

I would like to testify and witness what happened to me when I went to see Vassula with my friend in London on 18th November 1995, during the talk Vassula was giving I witnessed the following: Vassula's head was transformed into the Head of the crucified Jesus. Going home in the car later my friend shared with me her experience of seeing the Head of the crucified Jesus. I then shared with her my own experience. Prior to this date I knew very little about Vassula.
(A. F., UK, 1997)

Back in 1994, I went with some friends of mine from my Church to Birmingham on a day pilgrimage. We went to a Church called St Francis. Father Michael was there and he introduced Vassula to us and spoke about her. After he finished speaking, Vassula got up at the altar and started to speak. At first I did not believe her, but then something strange happened. Her face did not change but I saw a beard and a moustache appear on her face. I thought what on earth was going on, I thought the devil was playing tricks on me, so I said a prayer inside me. I kept turning my face away, but each time I would look it was still the same. Anyway, after I prayed, I knew this was the work of God, and I prayed that God would forgive me for having doubted. I know Vassula is genuine person and I have grown very found of her.
(K. H., UK, 1997)

I have just read My Angel Daniel, and what a beautiful book! I saw Vassula speak in Lund, Sweden, 11 October 1996. The speech itself was deeply moving - the way she did it even more. Never before have I seen a genuine humility combined with such a tremendous strength, a soft beauty together with immense power. Was it the Power of the Holy Spirit?
(Jannik, Denmark, 1997)

We had been at a meeting for Peace and Unity at which the Greek Orthodox mystic Vassula Ryden had been speaking and where there had been a session for healing. A little lady, who had walked up behind me, pointed down the road and said one word "look". I looked through the leaves at the sun from the corner of my eyes, and then after a couple of seconds found myself moving forward and looking straight into the sun! I was surprised that I could now do this as I am very light sensitive due to blocked glands in my eyes; it would not normally have been possible for this to happen, but I was now able to look directly into the sun without it hurting my eyes at all - it had changed from being normal bright red and had taken on the appearance of a huge white host in the sky. Above the "Host" was a bright red mist that sat above and slightly around the top of the sun - between the "Host" and the red mist - there was a bright blue band of colour in a semicircle actually attached to the rim of the "Host".
(D. McC., Ireland, 1997)

I have three books of Vassula's now. They are like a prayer. I feel cleansed both inside and outwardly since Vassula's messages through the Hand of Jesus touched my life. I am house-bound through an inoperable heart complaint. I am trying to do all I can to spread the Word through Vassula.
(Mary, Warwickshire, UK, 1997)

Thanks to Vassula for the Cardiff experience. I wanted very much to receive the healing blessing with the relic of the True Cross but admit I looked askance at those who "rested in the Spirit" - Later, finding myself prostrate and such a well of peace, I can only say "Thank You, My God". Also, I would just like to tell you that my companion and I both had the same experience (unknown to each at the time) of Vassula's face disappearing to be replaced by a shimmering of gold surrounded by light brown curly hair.
(Pat, Gwent, UK, 1997)

Vassula is so unique because she is, empty, purified and says only what Jesus teaches her. I jumped with joy (internally) when I heard her once say in answer to a question "I don't know, Jesus had not told me anything about this" (Franciscans audio tape USA, I think). In this day and age of ego/intellect - defence of this kind was a true gem. Humility through Him.
(Richard, UK, 1997)

These books have transformed my life and saved me, in the sense that I believe, I have now changed my priorities, --my view of what is important in life, and have thrown away unnecessary baggage. I am seeking more of God's words and messages in time for my readings and reflections this coming Lenten season.
(B. O., USA, February 1997)

Meeting Vassula in person was a wonderful experience especially what happened during the healing session. ... During the healing session, we were told to fall in line side by side. I was staring at the floor praying while waiting for my turn to be healed. All the time, I was anticipating to see the face clearly. Then it was my turn to be healed I looked up to see her and to my great surprise, I saw the face of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were looking eyeball to eyeball.
(V. C. V., Philippines, February, 1997

I have to honestly say that "True Life in God" has increased my love and faith in Jesus at 100% more than I had before. I used to take the Lord's name in vain ... Now when I do it, I feel sad and cry because I know that I hurt Jesus. "True Life in God" has started me on a daily reading of prayers - half to one hour, at least (1) Rosary, and a Chaplet of the Divine Mercy prayer on my Rosary.
(B. J. R., USA, May, 1996)

I have received two graces through the intercession of the servant of God (Vassula Ryden). I am very thankful and grateful they came true. I was almost on the street and God helped me and saved me through your prayers, also my daughter would not talk to me for a year and she called. I tried other intercessions but to no avail.
(M. S., USA, May, 1996)

I was a very bad sinner, deep into mortal sin, fallen away from the Church since a little girl, and struggling since 1992 to fully convert and become holy, but kept falling after every attempt. On October, 30th, looking at that picture of Jesus on the cover of the TLIG books, I noticed Jesus present in it in a supernatural way, . . . I returned to the USA the next day, and continued to read her book, and continued to pray thru her prayer booklet, begging Jesus to please not leave me after the Christmas season! In January I started receiving signal graces from Jesus, teaching me how to amend my ways, and now 8 months later, I am fully converted, going to Mass, adoration & praying the Rosary 3 times EVERY day.
(D. B., USA, August 1997)

You were standing at the entrance to the room you were to speak in. Then I had three more beautiful experiences: While you were speaking, the strands of your hair became golden and turned into what can only be described as a magnificent facial frame of gold. I did everything to check my eyesight. I have yearned for what the saints describe as the feeling of the Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. I have never experienced it, though, until that day.
(F. M., USA, August 1997)

Nothing that I heard from Vassula last night was "new" to me. The messages are the same that I heard in my Pentecostal church more than 20 years ago…not that I was affected by the messages 20 years ago…but last night I found them extremely powerful. I was emotionally affected by her speaking. I tried to describe it to M. today and the only way I could explain it was that Vassula's delivery was so filled with love and peace, no one hearing it could think of doubting her words. I'm obviously still affected by her words, or I couldn't write a note like this! Only one other time in my life have I ever felt the power of God like I did last night, and that was when I was baptized (complete immersion in water) at the age of 16.
(T. S., USA, August 1997)

We had been at a meeting for Peace and Unity at which the Greek Orthodox mystic Vassula Ryden had been speaking and where there had been a session for healing. As I was waiting for my friends to return with their car a little lady, who had walked up behind me, pointed down the road and said one word - "look". I looked down the road to where she was pointing but was blinded by the sun and had to move into the shade of a tree in order to look at where she was pointing. I looked through the leaves at the sun from the corner of my eyes, and then after a couple of seconds found myself moving forward and looking straight into the sun! I was surprised that I could now do this as I am very light sensitive due to blocked glands in my eyes. It would not normally have been possible for this to happen, but I was now able to look directly into the sun without it hurting my eyes at all - it had changed from being normal bright red and had taken on the appearance of a huge white host in the sky.
(D. McC., Ireland, September 1997)

After the introductory speakers, Vassula took the stage. It was then that He entered the room in a most majestic manner. I could see with the eyes of my heart and feel clearly and distinctly with all of my being, Jesus, sitting on a throne above Vassula, although I could not see him with my eyes open. I felt his Eucharistic Presence flowing out and down as He was anointing Vassula and every word she spoke was reinforced by Jesus' spirit and immediate presence. I felt truly blessed and comforted. I felt peace, love and desire to grow in holiness, a strengthening, you know, all the things you feel when Jesus is near.
(P. H., USA, November 1997)

At the age of 23 I had the grace of an inner conversion thanks to Vassula's conversations with Jesus in True Life in God. Although I had been brought up Catholic, I felt God was very distant and shouldn't be "bothered". I studied nursing. I administered and promoted Family Planning, I consulted an Astrologist, believed in reincarnation and was into New Age ideology. And then I read True Life in God. As I write this I find it incredible to believe that only 3 years have passed since I fell in love with my God. I now live for Him. My life has radically changed! I crave daily Mass and quiet moments with Our Lord. Sacred Scripture previously dry and dull, I find beautiful and profound. I pray the daily Rosary. I have come to realize and love Catholic Doctrine as the Truth. I even find myself longing for confession!
(J. H., England, 1998)

I was surprised to read in the magazine that someone had experienced Vassula's face change with moustache and beard. In fact, I have experienced that (whilst watching videos of her). I'm not so certain about the moustache but certainly the beard. When I first saw Vassula in Birmingham a few years back, her face didn't change but, looking at it, I felt that I was seeing the epitome of beauty and suffering, translucent, too deep to explain in words.
(D. M., Cardiff, UK, 1998)

In 1990 I became a lay member of the Marian Movement of Priests. At around this time I received an audio-tape, of Vassula whilst being interviewed. I loved the tape and from then on, I obtained her videos and books. Through TLIG, in 1998, I found a special Love of God, especially through Jesus and Mary. I started to understand God's great Love for us and how he wanted us to love Him in return. I wanted to know Him more and His Love is so wonderful and even though I have multiple sclerosis, and I'm mostly in a wheel chair, He makes me feel whole Because He is So real and human, being my friend.
(M. P., New Zealand, 1998)

Starting with the Rosary with Vassula leading the last mystery, she went on with her talk followed by the healing service. Many rested in the Spirit. Before that though, Vassula explained how she would be praying over people and as she got the cross and held it up, a friend sitting on my left side started crying. I asked her why and she said that she saw Jesus' Face on Vassula's.
(J. R., Bangkok, Thailand, 1998)

Before my very eyes, right across the stage I saw two small flames, as if peaks, go in her direction. I was upset, thinking it might be the start of a fire! Yet, there was no smoke nor any odour of burning!. My friend beside me nudged the friend beside her and said, "Do you see what I see?" When I could no longer contain myself I asked, "what do you see?" She replied "Look, look at the flames!" So that confirmed my own observations. It was not my imagination! After a while, I noticed it happen again. More "flames", if I may call them such - seemed to leap faster and higher, and head towards her! The phenomenon repeated itself at quick intervals, the "flames" or "peaks on fire" moving more rapidly and leaping higher! By the time Vassula was concluding her address and we all stood up to express our profound thanks what I saw seemed incredible! Indeed I was left awe - struck and speechless!. There stood Vassula framed with "tongues of fire"! It was exquisitely ethereal!
(S. S., USA, 1998)

I began to read the messages she receives and suddenly it dawned on me. Whenever I opened the photocopies (no books were available them) to read what Jesus is saying to us today, a radiance of this amazing warmth of love and joy filled my heart. These messages revealed to me who my real Father is. Our Father, Omnipotent and Divine, yet so gentle, loving, meek and humble, an abyss of compassion and mercy. These messages gave me understanding of what God is and what He wants from us in our lives. At one point they started to talk to me. I sensed suddenly, deep in my heart Jesus addressing me personally through these messages realizing, it is indeed He, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord's speaking today!!!
(E. S., Israel, 1998)

Also half way through one of Vassula's books I had an experience I will not forget in a hurry. My background was Chapel up-bringing, I now go to Church of England. I stand for unity etc but I used to have a problem with Our Lady coming to people of today. I remember thinking I would love to meet whoever she is and tell her what I think of her! Well like I said half way through Vassula's book I found myself saying, "Holy Mother of Jesus forgive me". Right away came a voice inside me saying, "I forgive you, keep your eyes on my Son". Well that put me in my place.
(Valerie, Hampshire, UK, 1998)

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