All these testimonies of laity are extracts from the originals.

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I heard Jesus calling me through the voice of Vassula. I knew it the moment I heard her voice. I remember her saying "Jesus says, I Have My lambs, the hear Me and they recognize My voice". That was His call. These words went right through my heart. Then I heard "Your generation has fallen deeper than Sodom". I was paralyzed. Not because of fear, but because I realized that I was part of that Sodom and Gomorrah. I turned it out. Got into the car and drove to Delft, which was one hour drive from home. I remember having prayed Ourfathers and Hailmaries the whole time. When I got into the faculty I felt something coming from my head, a smell like herbs or something like that. I thought: maybe Jesus has salved my head, or maybe it is my guardian angel. That was just the beginning of my conversion. Jesus brought me through His Message of the True Life in God into a new life.
(R. C., Alkmaar, Holland, September 1999)

It completely transformed me, not only to come out of my sin life, but changed dramatically my life, in general, and most specially my prayer life. The first messages touched me so much, that I continued readig them only while I was visiting the Holy Sacrament - it did not seem proper to me to read them anywhere else - it was God talking! Every evening, after work, I went to church, sat in front of the Holy Sacrament, and `listened' (read) to the Lord speakikng to me ...And I started to `know' Jesus, first. My heart was literally inflamed by His.

(O. G., Santiago, Chile, September 1999)

I did have an experience of seeing Christ with a long white robe in place of Vassula one afternoon early evening in a high school in Gaithersburg, MD. Later talking to my sister I learned she also had the same experience as well as a friend of ours' sister. That same day at dusk, or before the sun started not only spinning but dancing and moving up and down and from one side to another. I dropped on my knees.
(J. G., USA, September 1999)

What really got me all emotional is when the Eternal Father complained to Vassula that His children don't know Him, don't love Him and are even so afraid of Him, that they pray to Jesus, to protect them against the Father. The way Vassula repeated these words, I felt such sadness to hear how our Heavenly Father is hurt by the false image we, His children have of Him. I used to believe, because I was told for so many years, that He is a God who uses brimstones and fire to punish the humans who go astray. . . The moment I heard Vassula's words repeating the Father's words my feelings changed towards Him. Since then I try to have a more loving relationship and try to speak of His love, to bring my children, and others to Him.
(L. G., NY, USA, September 1999)

In looking back over these 5+ years, I'm trying to think which is the most significant change that has taken place in my spiritual life, and I'm really not sure. That's really for the Lord to know, but I sense that it's receiving and truly appreciating a spirit of obedience - obedience to God's laws, my pope and the Church - to become small so that He can become all. For too many years, I thought I was smart and that the Church was all wet on a number of different issues. In fairly short order, I became an orthodox Catholic although not necessarily a conservative one. I developed a sense of obedience to the Holy Father and the Magesterium and began to understand much more why the Church stands where it does on most issues.
(W. G., New York, USA, September 1999)

It was after listening to Vassula that evening in November 1996, that my conversion began. I was deeply moved. Shortly after that evening I went to confession which I had not been to for over 15 years, I learned to pray the rosary and began to attend Mass on Sundays as well as during the week. It was through True Life in God that I began to long for a deeper relationship with my God, and to surrender my will to His as the ultimate act of faith and love. It was through the messages where I learned of God's unfathomable Love for us.
(A. G. D., USA, September 1999)

I thank god for the inspiration of these books. i have been strengthened by these messages.i was an ok catholic before and now i think i'm a bit better because these messages seems like GOD is really revealing himself to these modern times. there has been no great enlightenment but i think i am getting better each day even though i have my ups and downs. i know this is not that exciting of a story but i wanted to say these messages have really helped me.
(K. J. G., USA, September 1999)

I was very impressed by the message but was totally unprepared for what I saw. On two or three consecutive occasions as Vassula raised her head I actually saw the face of Jesus rather than Vassula's. The vision remained each time until she returned her head to the podium. I was not only not surprised but remember thinking how unusual it was to see a man's face and hear a woman's voice. At the time I just did not register the significance of the event. The vision was as in the picture one sees on the cover of the TLIG books but with what appeared to be a gold metallic halo in place of the hair on His head. The impact of the event hit me the next day or so.
(J. K., Saratoga, September 1999)

My personal experience with Vassula's conversations with Jesus is that it made me think and feel Jesus in a new a living I always think of him as someone very real and alive and not just a vision of the past who was here and will come in the end of times to judge the world... He is with us every step of the way..trying to get his scattered sheep back to him, not giving up on them, he is still suffering immensely from the unfaithfullness and indifference of people to his presence and his works..
(H. K., Jerusalem, September 1999)

This is what I see: - I am listening more attentively to the readings of the gospel at mass, and getting more out of it than I did in the past - I am wanting to know the Father (Abba) more intimately and have become more comfortable in talking to others about God and His awesome goodness and love - I am becoming more aware of the difference between God's will and my will and trying harder to live more in His will.
(G. K., USA, September 1999)

This "Love Hymn" was presented to me by my dear uncle. I felt like a child receiving a special gift on his or her birthday. The more I read these Love messages, the more I fell in love with Jesus. My prayer time increased and I was growing more and more in the intimate love with my Lord. He was in my thoughts morning, noon and evening and even in my sleep. I truly rediscovered Jesus in a most loving and intimate way.
(P. K., Ontario, Canada, September 1999)

I come from a Moslem family from Bosnia but nobody in the family was practising the faith. I was very proud of my atheism and freedom! In January 1997 my school friend Marija-Dragica came after several years to visit me, and of course, with a book of TLIG messages with her, because she was translating them. ... But as soon as I read the first book I was in love with the messages. ... Very soon I joined to the regular catechism lessons for the Baptism, and by the Easter, the same year 1997, I was baptised. And not only I, but also my brother (who also ordered all the TLIG books), my daughter, my nephew and his girlfriend - five of us! Last year, 1998, my son and his girlfriend also were baptised and few months later they got married in the church, of course. God showered his blessings and Sacraments on us!
(E. K., Zagreb, Croatia, September 1999)

Au fur et à mesure de ma lecture, je ressentais profondément comme tout est vrai. J'ai pleuré comme Vassula sur mes péchés, sur ma froideur et mon insensibilité à l'égard de Dieu. J'ai réalisé combien j'offensais le Seigneur. Aujourd'hui, je peux dire que ma véritable conversion, mon vrai retour au Seigneur se sont faits grâce aux messages que Dieu a donné à Vassula.
(C. K., France, September 1999)

Through it I more deeply accepted the fact that God does love even me ... this still at times requires self-reminding. He wants an intimate personal relationship with all of us. We are all important to Him. . . . During one of Vassula's talks in Peterborough, Ontario, Jesus' face twice effaced Vassula's for a few brief seconds. I was incredulous and did not tell anyone about this for a long time. ... TLIG has made my faith deeper, richer, ever more personal and my heart longs for Church unity - especially the unification of the dates of Easter, the conversion of Russia . . . that God be All to all. . . . TLIG has lead me in an ever gradual way deeper into the hearts of the most holy Triune Trinity, Mary, St. Joseph and all the angels and saints.
(R. L., Ontario, Canada, September 1999)

I started reading the Volumes and found profound "peace" growing in my life. I continued to "talk" to our Lord and learnt to "listen" to Him. There have been many times when I have doubted that this is really happening to me and that it is our Lord talking to me and not my own mind answering my own questions. Yet the peace which fills me after each prayer time of conversation leaves no doubt.
(V. L., Australia, September 1999)

My prayer life has improved after reading True Life in God and I follow Jesus advice by doing my best to feel every word I say in my prayers. I also pray more slowly now. Before reading Jesus' Hymn of Love, I used to pray for one hour a day for the salvation of souls and for the Holy souls. Now I pray for about three and a half-hour every day and I include in my prayer time some of the prayers that Jesus dictated to Vassula. I also offer my will to God everyday, since Jesus indicated to Vassula that He desires all of us to do thatů
(E. L., Australia, September 1999)

Something or somebody made me pick up the book once again and re-read it; I couldn't put it down. I was completely and utterly transfixed on God's love for Vassula and us, his children. I saw it in a different light, holy, pure, this great love Mary and Jesus had for us seemed to jump right out of the pages and into my heart. I then started praying the rosary as asked in the TLIG books, at first it was so hard to pray even one decade, but slowly it got easier. It took me months to learn how to pray even one whole rosary.
(J. M., Australia, September 1999)

I like to read the Vassula messages for they are truly inspired and in Christs style so simple to read and understand. I feel that my conversion is way short of being complete but that is what it is, and that is also what makes it exciting. Its like climbing a hill you think that youve reached the top only to find another hill awaits you. I met Vassula onced at Carfin in Scotland and I was impressed by what she had to say and
her simplicity.
(N. McG., Scotland, September 1999)

I picked up the book again 'My Angel Daniel'. I read and read. And I cried. I also started reading the messages on the Website. As if they were written just for me. Oh, what Jesus says is so true. I got to know Him, and started loving Him. I know so well I still don't love Him enough, but He has given me all that I have asked for since. My love for Him will grow too. I am going to Mass again, and often am deeply touched by all of it. I pray again, and am happiest when I often think of Him.
(M. van den M., USA, September 1999)

I was tired, sick, and felt abandoned by God. It was then that I got the TLIG book Vol. I. My life was transformed. I recognized the voice of Jesus immediately. I knew I was God's seed. I knew I had come from him. I had longed to hear his voice and know how He felt about this generation. I devour the books as they come.
(F. M., San Fransisco, USA, September 1999)

There is no doubt in my mind that I profited immeasurably from reading her (Vassula's) locutions. She has enabled me to see and hear Jesus as I could not have imagined. Her revelations are startling because she has rendered Jesus as the real person He was and is.
She has helped me tremendously in relating and praying to our Lord. Because of Vassula's revelations my life did change radically by bringing me closer to our Lord. Hers were the first locutions of any visionary which I read in depth and found myself deeply, deeply, moved.
(D. G. M., Bethlehem, PA, USA, September, 1999)

Then, as I was on holiday in England with time for my own pursuits, I read The Ten Commandments. I was shocked and ashamed of myself when I realised how much I sinned against God without ever knowing it. My understanding of the commandments had been zero before TLIG taught me. I was amazed that so many aspects of sin lie within one phrase and that the commandment "thou shalt not kill" was not simply broken by murderers. Reading that slim book, I woke up and began systematically to follow the whole course of wonderful teachings. It was a though it had been written for me in just the way I needed. I wish we could be taught from Vassula's writings in Church.
(C. H. M., Switzerland, September 1999)

Amazingly the pages spoke to me immediately and I knew that this was God. The hours passed in total concentrationn while I experienced powerful emotions, some hiterto unknown. As I learned from Jesus I was astounded that because of my sins He had suffered. ... Now I became an individual answerable for myself and as guilty of wounding Him as those who had forced the thorns into His forehead. Tears of sorrow trickled and I wanted to obey the writings to the letter to make amends, and become one of His trustworthy children. His love for sinners filled me with awe; when he called for our conversion I knew that it had just happened in my sitting room in His presence. This was the most important event in my life, indeed a miracle.
(V. M. M., Switzerland, September 1999)

I have now realized or the messages have made me realize what a friend I have in Jesus. He is my best friend, my saviour, my companion, my security, my guide, my ALL. The messages have helped me to accept and respect other religions and
have removed the fear and feelings I had about them. These days I have no problem praying for the Unity of the Churches.
(E. M., Kenya, September 1999)

When Vassula came to Lusaka, Zambia, in 1993, I had no idea who she was an what mission she had until my niece told me about her. ... Since that time, my soul thirsted for these messages, I wanted very much to know what the Lord Jesus is telling us. ... I read the messages with enthusiasm and interest. It was a marvelous experience - full of joy and wonder. My experience was that while I was reading the messages of love, I heard Our Lord's voice at the same time within my heart. I was hooked by this good news and through I am a sinner, I became addicted to this hymn of love. I longed to meet this bearer of good news.
(R. M. M., Zambia, September 1999)

Since reading messages of Christ as written by Ms. Vassula I have experienced spiritual renewal in my life. I have experienced the love of God in everything I do. I have seen Jesus very closely in my life and not so remotely and unknown as before. I have also developed a lot of trust and increased faith in God. I also tend to call Him all the time to come and share/accompany me in this journey. I no longer feel alone. I have strengthed my faith in the Catholic Church and have also developed more love and understanding of other Christians of other denominations, as I see how our Lord loves all of them without discrimination or condemnation. I praise God for deepening my faith and love in Him who died for me and cares for me with love beyond all understanding.
(S. N., Kenya, September 1999)

Then, one day while I was on the said website, I clicked on 'Handwriting' and what appeared on the screen hit me like a thunderbolt. I was gazing with my mouth wide open at what appeared to me as angelic handwriting! Being one who has a special interest in calligraphy, I was literally short of words to describe this most beautiful, stately, consistent and elegant of handwritings. I did not know what to make of it. I took it to be Jesus' own handwriting. Of course I now know better, but the heavenly inspiration in the phenomenon is not in doubt, in fact it has never been! It is a favour of unfathomable proportions that God has deigned to let this generation witness His hand at work through His chosen instrument Vassula!
(J. L. N., Kenya, September 1999)

I first got Ms. Vassula's book from a friend of mine (a Catholic) and as a result of the writings and readings, my thoughts are turned towards the Lord almost everytime - not only that I feel His presence around me everyday. The love I have for humanity and the compassion is amazing (this was compounded by Vassula's visit). Being near this great lady has taught me to have genuine love for people around, because that is
what I noticed in her life.
(M. F. N., Kenya, September 1999)

At the point that I began to read True Life in God, I had begun a journey back to God. I was a Sunday Mass goer, but I was lukewarm. There is much in my life that needed to change. I had much anger within myself. This anger was self destructive in that I was very unhappy and the anger would erupt against my family when they upset me. The journey began when I began to understand the events of Medjugorje. From interest in Medjurgorje, I was introduced to True Life in God and then Poem of the Man God. I began to read of God's Love and Mercy. But, I was not necessarily listening at first. This year I have begun my true conversion, for I have gone from being a lukewarm Catholic to one who is more fervent and more open to the Word of God. I have the opportunity to attend daily Mass and receive the Lord in Holy Communion.
(M. O'H., Australia, September 1999)

I was initially converted to Jesus and Christianity in 1980 - then to Catholicism in 1984. Those were earthshaking events in my life but I didn't start reading TLIG until a few years later. Nevertheless, reading the messages has transformed my idea of Jesus and made me absolutely fall in love with Him.
(D. P., Canada, September 1999)

I was a believing and practicing Christian before TLIG, but now, I am much more so. My wife has been converted to a true believer. Our life has changed completely. We now live in the world, but are not of it. We believe and love our God more that ever before, and yet we feel it is not enough. We want to love Him and our neighbor even more!
(J. P., USA, September 1999)

I am a very emotional person who, through True Life in God is developing more self-command, and as advised by St Therese of Lisieux keeping silent about problems and not complaining to other's and offering them to God, though many times unsuccessful. The opinions and attitude of others has a crippling affect on me normally, but I am now finding the affects have lessened to a more dulled emotion where it is like overridden by a peacefulness, I guess.
(J. P., Australia, September 1999)

Reading the messages has transformed my idea of Jesus and made me absolutely fall in love with Him. Mary came to me first, through the messages of Don Gobbi, and prepared me to meet Her Son through TLIG. I read both simultaneously until reaching the end of the messages. Now I'm starting over with TLIG vol.1. I don't know how to express my change except to say that I sometimes sob with longing to see Jesus face to face.
(D. P., Canada, September 1999)

In May of 1994 my daughter made her First Communion and I might add that I wasn't even sure if I should let her make her communion, because I myself wasn't even sure about it. My mother had left Volumes I and II on my dresser in my room without telling me she left them. ... From the first page of that book I began a small bit of healing, and Peace began to enter my soul. I still struggled and questioned things, but little by little Jesus began pouring out his words on me. I think by the time I got to Volume III, I was completely convinced that this was from God. My conversion to the "Real" God began. I learned how to speak to the Holy Trinity intimately, as my best friends. I learned to love, respect and honor our Mother, Mary.
(F. V. P., USA, September 1999)

When I was given Vassula's message, I became aware in a new and deeper way, of Jesus, longing to take us in our weakness and make us perfect in Him as He has done in her-it has given me hope that I, too, am in His plan for joyous redemption as I give Him my will in sincerity. The second revelation that came to me through these messages is that I, as a Protestant, had a distrust of honoring St. Mary for fear of making her into an idol. These fears have been completely destroyed as I came to recognize Jesus' utter joy in God's erection of this Immaculate Heart whose joy is to lead us to Jesus. I come to her in everything knowing that this is the desire of the Trinity. The third thing is that as I learned to thank Him for physical suffering (shingles for ten years) that I can hope that I am allowed to partake of His sufferings in the redemption of this fallen world.
(E.G. S., Canada, September 1999)

TLIG has increased my awareness of Jesus and the Holy Trinity; I feel closer to them (or know them better). With the desire to pray for my countrymen that are going through a troubled period (tribulations) and to help Jesus save as many souls as possible from going to hell, I and my family pray the rosary when ever we can. In a nutshell we pray more.
(C. T., Australia, September 1999)

I found myself reading the messages often coming to tears (and those who know me, know that I have a tough guy reputation). Slowly the more I read the messages, the more I wanted to read. After years of abandoning it, I begun to pray again, to read the scriptures more and to even go to confession (something that I hadn't done in years). Also I begun to see the words Jesus was speaking to Vassula apply to me as well, to my life. Scriptures made sense, I saw everything in a new light, I felt closer to the Father than ever. I realized more than ever how much of a sinner I was, but at the same time how much Jesus was ready to forgive, without hesitation, without blame.
(G. T., Rome, September 1999)

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